Common Tongue : 10 of the Best Wakeboard Movies

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Cause we love Al Sur we thought we’d take a look back at what other seminal movies have come in the past. Our resident opinionated white hair Cal wrote down a few thoughts; go look these up when you get the chance or maybe ask you grandpa about them…

Top 10 Wake Movies according to Cal

Today, you can watch whatever you want on YouBook or Facetube. But these movies really showcased what wakeboarding was and where it has come from.

I. 12 Honkeys
The storyline, the rider list, the quality of riding, the soundtrack , the number of times it was put in my VCR – the list goes on. Most people reading this will know what I’m talking about, for the others – go and watch this movie! For its time, it was simply off the charts. ‘Are you talking to me? You must be talkin’ to me!’ and ‘The Boss, he wants the 38 special’. Need I say more.

II. Mayday
When riding without a jacket was classed as cool and people weren’t bureaucratic and PC. Mayday is really what kicked the wakeboarding world into action, with style and seriously legit riding. A couple of highlights were Murray and Byerly both hitting 720’s, Gator going massive and blowing his knee and Byerly in general.

III. Shafted

Although it probably wasn’t one of the all-time greats it was the first one I ever bought. Brannon Johnson’s weird ability to be punted from the wake and Parks’ double up hits were madness. Double Half Cab Roll into a Toe 9, one double up after the other. Reminds me of the old days.

IV. Retrospect
This movie is based around The Godfather of wakeboarding, Scott Byerly. However, it essentially showcases what wakeboarding is. It takes you back to the very start (somewhere back there in the late 80’s early 90’s!) it’s an awesome movie to watch that will give you a whole new respect for wakeboarding and the riders who made this sport come alive.

V. Parks Documentary
The only reason Retrospect finishes ahead of this is because it goes way back to the start of wakeboarding as a sport. Some of the old footage is sensational and some of the newer footage is even better.

VI. Transgression
This was when Gator Boards were about to have a tilt back into the market and had a movie to go along with it. It was definitely based around Vandall’s comeback. It was a little bit of Randy and his friends riding, however a lot of the footage in this is insane. There was massive hype about this DVD at the time and it really blew some minds when it came out.

VII. Free 4 all
The U-Haul Gap. Need I say more? A bit of the Pointless crew and their progressive wakeboard shone through in this movie. There were plenty of good tunes in this movie too that we used to go out in the boat and crank.

VIII. Incomplete
Incomplete was about the Pointless Posse and what they did, how they partied and had fun at the time. Who didn’t want to have their own posse and mess shit up like the Pointless crew did? These guys are inspirational.

IX. Butter Effect
Lyman’s section in Butter Effect was one of the all-time sections. It made me and probably every other rider on the planet wanting to ride like Keith Lyman, with cargo shorts and a studded belt thrown in. Napoleon Dynamite as Shawn Watson and the backyard rail at Watson’s house is sick too. Killer soundtrack as well and D. Harf’s finishing section is as nice as ever.

X. In Transit
This feels like the last great DVD to me. The riding is mostly Australian guys and it is top notch. The mere fact that Chriso’s section won Transworld Section of the Year speaks enough about the guys behind the video. Legit, high def and high quality riding.

Honourable mentions:

Natural Born Thrillaz

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