Watch Al Sur – A Mexican Wakeboard Movie

Al Sur is a full length film from the busy mind of Trever Maur the man behind the very, very stylish delta force edit. Al Sur is a documentary adventure filmed entirely in Mexico, about the people that make wakeboarding their life. It is an exercise in contrast of style, personality and locations. Featuring the riding of Aaron Rathy, Danny Harf, Josh Twelker, Trever Maur, Derek Cook, Chris O’Shea, Melissa Marquardt, Nicola Butler, Chad Lowe, Kyle Rattray, Eddie Valdez, Randall Harris and more, this film boasts some of the most iconic, stylish boat riders on the planet. Mix that with some of the most beautiful locations Mexico has to offer like Bacalar, Monterrey, Valle De Bravo, Acapulco de Juárez, and Alejo De Palma.

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