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Derek’s work

“If a board is an amazing ride and has shit graphics I will usually paint it black” Derek Muscat

There are no more than two degrees of separation between Derek Muscat and you. I can ironclad guarantee that. You know someone who has ridden a board with his artwork on it. It could have been a Liquid Force board, a Hyperlite board, a K2 snowboard or a Ride Snowboards board… Rossignol, Drake, Jones, Nidecker, 5150 or whatever. Derek is a gun for hire.

You are an artist?
Yup, just a guy with a pen in my hand.

One whose art appears on boards?
Yup, from time to time.

One whose art appears on things other than boards?
I’ve hand my hands in many different pots.
Apparel, automotive, editorial, book, tattoo design, mining and environmental.

So what kind of artist are you?
I’m a traditional pen to paper kind of a guy.

Do you have a regular job like everyone else or do you only create art for a living?
Well, I don’t have a ‘regular’ job per se, but I do work full time on my art and, and on my latest project Stix & Stones.

So I am trying to make a living through art…
Sink or swim, my friend!

What is Stix & Stones?
Stix & Stones is my new adventure. It’s an outdoor lifestyle brand directed towards anglers and hunters. Our mission is to offer anglers and hunters a sense of style while enjoying their passion for the sport. We offer quality clothing with original and stylish designs. We view ourselves as enthusiasts in the fishing and hunting community, and together with our customers we want to express our love of the sports by wearing clothing that says it loud and clear! But all in all anyone can wear our products.

How old are you?

Where do you make your art?
I have a home studio.

Where is your home studio?
My home base is in Collingwood, Ontario, Canada. It’s a nice little ski/snowboard town just off Georgian Bay.

You have artwork on Ride, K2, Jones, Hyperlite, Liquid Force… so does everyone just keep getting you to do things because you are, like, better than everyone else?
I’m just a dude who enjoys making my clients happy and who they can trust will get the job done, I guess.


Have you ridden one of these?

Do you work with riders or just give them something that you want them to ride?
When I design a pro model I like to work one on one with the rider. They tell me all about who they are and what they are looking for in a graphic; from there I develop a few concepts and we both work on the final piece together.

What is the favorite graphic you’ve done so far?
I don’t really have a favorite but I guess the Hyperlite Franchise graphic I did a few years back.

Do you ride wakeboards?

Do you ride snowboards?
Yes, I’ve been riding for about 18 years now.

Is there a difference between doing graphics for the snow and the wake industry?
Not really, the only difference I find is that the wakeboarding industry is a few years behind in their printing capabilities.

Is artwork on a board more important than the way it rides?
Not at all! Tech is king!

Would you rather ride a board that you hate but looks great, or vice versa?
If a board is an amazing ride but has shit graphics I will usually paint it black!

What is next for you?
That’s a great question. I plan on marching forward and doing what I love to do. Polka 😉

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