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The DUP Del Taco is getting some focus this season for sure, and not only for the way it rides. Dit Cheyenne is a tattoo artist that worked with the boys DUP to create the Del Taco Artwork. She’s amazing. I’m moving to France.

…Peace, Love and Freedom. Del Taco art.
The Del Taco has been turning heads right around the globe for all the right reasons. Not only for performance, been the most technical board in the 2015 DUP line – but also for its unique look. The art and the overall look of simplicity, has obviously hit a nerve with wakeboarders. A big part of this has been in the artist behind the main graphics, Dit Cheyenne. We spoke to her about all things art, working with fellow French native Sylvaine Antoine and the conceptual ideas behind the Del Taco. Below is an extract of our chat………

Dit Cheyenne
I am a French woman of 32, I’m from the south west of France and I like to travel, be in a shanti place and get inspired from my surroundings. For now I live in India and I opened a private studio of tattoo in Goa with my friend tattooist EA Ink from Denmark.
Over the next few months, I will also be in Nepal, Israel, China, Germany and France.
My name is Dit Cheyenne. There is no hidden meaning, it’s a name! I draw, I paint, I build and imagine things since I learned to use my ten fingers. I have a state diploma of Architecture and Scenography. And after a few years of working in France and New Caledonia, I decided to return
to manual work and concentrate my mind exclusively on drawing.

Travel /
My life is a journey. I’m traveling and making money on the road, because the experience of life is much more important than everything else. When I see how this world is vast, rich and beautiful, I feel totally intoxicated by a wind of freedom and curiosity. My drawings reflect my life, my thoughts and what I learn.

Diversity /
There is no particular background. The desire to acquire new knowledge and learn to adapt myself to any situation caused me to develop my drawings and to combine knowledge . My philosophy is – anything is impossible and that every problem has a solution. Each new medium is a challenge, every new collaboration is a new encounter, every new project is a new energy. I love it.

Mediums /
The skin. There is nothing more unique and harder than the work on human skin. I also enjoy any media that affect the Home’s Design, ceramics, silver, wood, textile, light … Anything that relate to the customization of old motorcycles … To be honest, I do not have a favorite medium!
Inspiration /
Everything I learn, I see, I meet, I eat, I feel is inspiration. It is true that nature is great and an inexhaustible source of inspiration. If we simply take the time to look, we can find all the answers. Rules, problems, solutions, shapes, colors, rhythms …everything is representedI am also fascinated by science. This is the way man found to quantify the nature. I believe that we cannot invent new art today. We have learned to combine all our knowledge to create new art. The spiritual and occult is also very present in my work. I like to combine rational and irrational, and share my way of seeing life. Everyone is able to see what they want, there is just questions of changing views .

Sylvain Antoine /
We met in France when he came to my studio to get tattooed. He offered me a chance to design his new Del Taco Pro Model with DUP. I want to take this opportunity to thank him again

Del Taco /
The idea for this collection was to propose a board with high technical quality and enjoyment of the ride, but it’s also a piece of art. You have to ride this board but like a skateboard you can put it on the wall because you remember all the amazing things you did with it.
Thank you to DUP for giving me the opportunity and confidence to experience the concept of the wakeboard .This collaboration makes it a unique object. The Pro Model 2016 Del Taco DUP and Dit Cheyenne is a killer! But you have to wait for it a little bit longer before it’s in the stores. But you can start to make your collection of pro models Del Taco! …
The original Del Taco designs are hand drawn like all my work .I think it’s important to remember the value of authentic manual work. It’s getting lost in a world of technologyWork done by hand is unique, noble and complex.
What I like about this process is that the pro model may be new or used, the combination of my black drawings on the wood is very interesting for me.

Art in Wakeboarding /
The work of the graphic designers is incredible! They know the sport!
Future /
I am working on various collaborations, some of them are very exciting but I can not say anything for now. What I can say is that there will be exhibitions, motorcycles, creative and strong women, tattoos and travels.

Last words /
…. Peace, Love and Freedom always. I invite you to discover and contact me on my facebook page Dit Cheyenne ?

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