Back Story : Odyssey

‘It’s just a documentary about s**k c**ts!’

“I had the idea for the edit and I’d put together a few things on my computer, I’d gone through google earth and gone over a few places that I’d already been in Europe. Took it to the guys at Humanoid showed them everything I’d planned, they were pumped on it and said they’d pay for all our travel inside of Europe”

When did you start shooting? I started shooting on our Europe trip 2013. I traded up from the Canon 7d to the 5d after winning BoardStock in Oz. And then I just started filming everything. I knew that I wanted to film, but I hadn’t any plan except for a few spots that I wanted to go to a check out. It wasn’t until January that we worked out that what we had was the beginnings of a full length. So then we just decided that’s what we’d do.

Who put together? You two have done the filming but who sat in front of the computer? Chriso pops his head in. ‘Mainly Mitch. I don’t think I’d be any good at doing a full-length when I can barely get my head around a web edit.’ They both laugh. ‘It’s just a documentary about s**k c**ts!’ Chriso is getting excited now. ‘We really just want to show everyone how awesome we are and how sick we are. Ha!’

Who is in the movie with you? Along the way, filming from country to country, everywhere you go you meet up with riders… We started collecting footage of us and Aaron Gunn in Europe last summer. Since then, in Australia, the US, Thailand and the Philippines we’ve shot James Windsor, Manu Rupp, Antoni van der Wekken. Ben Leclair, Graeme Burress, Daniel Grant, Brad Mason… We basically filmed anyone who we liked. If we liked their riding then we filmed them. And us two, obviously!

Why call it Odyssey? That was the most thought-out part of the whole movie. We thought about a bunch of names… names putting shit on other movies, names that were funny to us… and then Chriso’s girlfriend Terry said ‘What about Odyssey?’ It means a long, eventful journey. It works so well. Chriso was so hopeless with coming up with names, I came up with a bunch, and Odyssey was the only one he came up with, but it was perfect.

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