Back Story : Consolidating

Back Stories : Consolidating with Bob Sichel

A lot of hours from many helping hands went into the making of this Bob Sichel latest edit – Consolidating. One of the most well received edits that went up at this years Surf Expo Bob Sichel is a sleeper hit amongst riders and the general wakeboard public. Hours logged driving, shooting, building behind the scenes. Taylor Hanley, Trevor Bashir, Dylan Miller, Sean Kilgus, Nick Dorsey, Danny Harf, Kevin Henshaw, Parks Bonifay, Jake Snider, Aaron Rathy, Dean Smith, Amber Wing, Billy Park, Family, The Wakeboard Camp, Humanoid, Sooruz all came on board to help put it together. We sit down with him to talk about what it takes to out together something like this, his motivation behind it and what he sees as his next step.

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