Behind the Lens : Rodrigo Donoso

I used to have to explain what wakeboarding was, now I find myself having to explain what wakeboarding isn’t, you know what I mean?

In 2014, Trever Maur and Rodrigo Donoso ventured into the dark, dirty, industry street-dusk of Discovery Bay CA in the pouring rain, for a cover shot for our second U.S Issue that is far more than the sum of its parts.

Where is this? Rodrigo: Orwood, CA. Trever: A little down the road from Orwood Resort, the local bar/restaurant in Discovery Bay.
How did you get this shot? Rodrigo: It was raining pretty hard for a couple of days and a handful of areas had flooded. Knowing that there was a good chance it would flood, Trever had built a kicker just in case something unique presented itself. When it floods the water only stays around for a short period of time so we hit this in the rain to make sure that the 6-10 inches of standing water didn’t drain away. It can literally drain in a handful of hours. The perspective of the pipes caught my eye immediately so I grabbed a flash and set up this shot.  Trever: Waited for a solid storm to hit Cali, which has been a long time for us. Been eyeing up this spot for years but there has never been enough water. The night before we got the shot, there were flood warnings, so we built a quick kicker and waited for the mud puddle to fill up.
What time was it?Rodrigo: 5:30pm (dusk), it was really foggy and rainy so through sun didn’t come out all day. Trever: By the time there was enough water, the sun had started to set. We kept at it until it was completely black outside because the photo just kept looking better and better. By the time we got this shot, I couldn’t see because of the sun being gone and the rain hitting my eyes.
How much planning went into it? Rodrigo: Well we had eyes on this thing for a couple of years; we were just waiting on enough water to actually do something here. We (California) have been in a pretty serious drought over the last couple of years and it literally rained a total of ten days in those two years combined. So, long story short, it has been an idea for a long time. The planning was minimal but very drawn out. Trever: Once the flood started I knew we should scope out some spots. We called the crew and we got everything ready the previous night.
How many people were involved in getting the shot? Rodrigo: I think five in total: rider, winch driver, flash man, photographer and homeboy for moral support. Trever: We had five. Josh Twelker drove the winch, Rodrigo had the trigger finger, little Ty Higham held a flash, and Tanar Pigrenet was on video. A full team.


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