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Spencer Norris. Pic O’Shea

“JD hands down blew my mind this year. He had a fire that
I have never seen in him and took his riding to new levels” Spencer Norris

SPENCER NORRIS started shooting with his buddies when he was 16 – dropped out of College to pursue it at 19 and is now one of the wake industries ‘numero unos’. Balancing life with passion and the simple need for cash – pushing and pulling in different directions he has stood out among the masses with his ‘JD Webb’ edit not to mention ‘C U Next Tuesdays in France. Creating in almost every medium possible, having traveled all over the states and onto Europe in 2014 we asked him to sit down and he did. This is what we got out of it.


A few of Spencer’s favorites.

Union: Where is your home town?
Spencer: Des Moines, Washington. It’s a small town about 25 minutes from Seattle


How long have you been shooting wake boarding?
I started shooting my buddies when I was 16 but got serious about it when I dropped out of college to pursue it at 19

Is it true your a hipster
Isn’t it unhipster to say your a hipster?

I thought Hipsters used visco cam app and instagram not Red Camera’s
I use all of the above. I’m not sure what that makes me.

Who is the worst wakeboarder you have filmed this year?
Kalberts. Haha

Best riders you have filmed

If I had to choose from just this year, JD hands down blew my mind this year. He had a fire that I have never seen in him and took his riding to new levels.

Favorite place you traveled
This year France held a special place in my heart.

How did you survives being on the road with Brenton and Jimmy filming for C U Next Tuesday
That trip was so fucked and so fun all at the same time. So unorganized and so drunk the whole time. I guess thats how you survive, you drink and go with the flow.

How did the C U Next Tuesday name come about?
What does that mean – I wanted to name it C**ts in France but figured there would be some issues with sponsors and what not so we had to subliminally put it in there. I guess the sponsors will know now haha.

Do you have any party photo’s from that trip?
Party video. which was in the intro… but there definitely is a lot more that didn’t make it in

Was Brenton farting a lot – He is a smelly dude for sure.
It makes sense though when your pump yourself full of that much beer and wine.

How many times did Jim fall in love
By my count I think there was two while I was there… who doesn’t love the french though?

Did you think you were going to win best web edit with JD Webb’s edit.
I was definitely stunned when they called our name. We didn’t go for anything creative or try to tell a story telling. We just wanted to edit to be bangers and showcase how much he has changed over the year. Since the creativity wasn’t there I wasn’t expecting to win it. I don’t think anyone was more deserving of it than JD this year though

How is it working on different parts with different riders?
It’s really fucking hard. Being pulled in so many different directions and wanting to make sure everyone is happy with there part. Plus its all passion pieces we aren’t making a dime on any of these parts, in fact we lose money in the end, so balancing work, passion, and a rider that is hungry to showcase there best shit is pretty tough.

Do you find some rider care about their video part more then other’s
For sure. All of the older guys want to take there time and do it right. The only thing is content is being pumped out so fast which makes that really hard to do, and once again no one really wants to pay for it. It sucks but its just easier to pump shit out that has a lower quality. Most of the companies just want to content.

Best wake trick you filmed in 2014 and How long did it take BP to land that double cabby?
Best wake trick was JDs toe back 9 wake to wake. He literally worked on getting that for a week. BP was out there with us the whole time working on his section and he got fucking broke off for almost 3 days trying a double halfy. But when he landed it everyone lost it. It was one the best week of filming this year.

Best rail hit you filmed?
I really enjoy shooting with Graeme. He is super diverse with his hits so pretty much most the shit he does is cool.

How is it working with riders on a big section. Do you get stressed out?
I did this year. I think its more so life is just getting more real and there is more shit to balance. Traveling a lot more, I’m home less and the calendar is always full during the season.

Do you have a preference – filming boat, winch or cable?
Not really, I love them all. Winching is definitely a bitch though.

What new rider that you filmed in 2014, was killing it?
I was really pumped on Gunner Daft and Massi Piffa. Those are two young dudes that I can see going places.

How long till Spencer Norris does a full length?
Fuck hopefully next year for fuck sakes. I’m ready! Just gotta raise the funds!

What does the future hold for Wonderman Media?
The future plans for Wanderman is to tell stories. A theme keeps showing up in my life and that is to break your routine. I have always been a strong advocate of do what makes you happy and don’t compromise your happiness. If I can somehow tell those kinds of stories and maybe inspire some people to change there lives along the way then that would make me happy.

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