#BENSQUAD Fundraiser Orlando, FL.


The Orlando wakeboard family came together to help rase money for one of the sports gnarliest rail riders, Ben LeClair. Latest update from Road To Recovery ; Ben is continuing with rehab full time in Montreal and has gained lots more strength in his right arm.  He is also gaining endurance and strengthening his vitals. He is able to endure longer rehab sessions without tiring and recover quicker after each session which Doctors see as a good sign!

He still can not move the legs but now his left arm is starting a few response in the bicep and the wrist is turning a little. His left shoulder is getting more responsive and stronger so the next big goal is to extend the movement from his left shoulder farther down his arm.

Ben is also relieved as before the weekend they removed the neck brace allowing him to finally start rehabbing his neck to regain strength and flexibility.

In the two days a week that he has a break from the live in rehab center he has been attending other therapy sessions where Doctors are using electric stimulation to trigger Ben’s muscles and nerves in various parts of his body to help “wake up” Ben’s nerves and hopefully restore movement / activity to more of his body.

Ben has been more active through his social media lately as well so you can tune in to his instagram for more photo’s and videos of his progress. He has so many positive messages from close friends coming through and is able to operate his phone with a touch pen that he holds with his right hand, so please feel free to send him a text or email as it really is good practice for his motor skills in the right hand! Haha. He will hate us for saying that.

Remember to help show your support for Ben by posting pictures and using #BenSquad on all social media accounts!





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