Conversations : Black Spot

The first instalment of the ever
changing park that is.. BlackSpot.

He’s been hiding away in his compound —With that hook light On the stairs. What’s he building In there?

What’s the process been? I’ve seen a few Instagram clips here and there but not much. What’s been going on? Well, we’ve only got paper-bark trees at my place and not money trees you know ha! F••k, Rome wasn’t built in a day! It’s been what? Eight, ten months, I don’t know. But yeah, I’m just chipping away at it. Slowly building stuff. It’s mostly only me, the person who has helped me the most is Aaron Petty and he lives in Melbourne, which is a 24 hr drive away. So shit hasn’t happened super quickly because it’s not that convenient, but I’ve definitely been hoarding footage because that’s what I do.

Nice. So we should expect a solid edit coming out soon then? Yeah, I have a couple more section enders I want to film. But I am trying to get a start on it now and hopefully it should be out in February. Then you know, I’ll start working straight away on the next thing.

So where do you get inspiration for new rails and stuff like that? Well lately I haven’t been checking out other sports or anything like that to get inspiration, I have just been locked in my head you know. I don’t know, does it sound shit to say I haven’t really been inspired by anything?

I heard that a lot of surfers watch skate videos to get amped. Do you watch anything to get hyped to go ride? Listen to music or anything like that? Well, I listen to Metal so that’s pretty ‘amping’. You know, I wish I had time to watch more but I am working on ten things at once.

So what exactly are you working on? Well, looking after the property for one. It’s about 50 acres so mowing takes about three days. All the rails have to wait until the weekend to get others helping. I have been trying to set up a film processing business, then there is general life stuff, like I have a dog and a missus and its Xmas time.

What else about the park? Everyone been talking about the water level saying that there is no water in the lake and I can’t even ride. It’s really weird.

It looks pretty shallow in the videos you posted. Yeah well, its shallow as f**k you know, but I’m still riding. Ha. Like everyone I speak to asks ‘what have you been doing?’ And they are like ‘can you ride there? I was told that you can’t ride either ‘cause there is no water’. I don’t get it, I mean who is going around telling people? I don’t know.

So you can definitely ride there and you’ve been shooting to release February 2017 Edit. Yeah. I will be leaking parts edit by edit. This one will be pretty much the intro into the park. I didn’t want too much to come out and drip feed info on the park first over social, I kind of want to be like ‘bang’ here is the edit, here is the park! Follow along, the next edit is going to be twice as good!

Like save the footage and drop killer edits rather than just post everything on Instagram? Yeah well, that was another thing. I sometimes felt like I should just chuck everything on Instagram. Cause I don’t know, I’m just getting hassled about releasing shit flat out. But I didn’t want to do it.

Would you say your sponsors want more Social stuff now you have the park? I think they were expecting a lot more of me posting shit online, but I don’t know, I just don’t do that hey. You see crew publish post shit saying ‘hey I just landed something nobody has seen before’ and it gets flick passed, barely seen and then forgotten about. It doesn’t seem like there is any quality control. So I just want my stuff to come out, look good and be clean. Cause in 2016 quality went out the window.
Content, content, content!

Yeah well sick. We look forward to it.

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