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“I combined my cheapness as well as resourcefulness… Dylan saw it and was hyped and said we should start a company, and that’s what happened”
Hesh Backs Conversation with Nick and Dylan

Necessity is the mother of invention they say, so what happens when you need a quick fix to a hat the doesn’t fit? Heshbacks happens..

How did the idea of hesh backs get started?

I got a free swag hat from Humanoid and it wasn’t the right size, instead of throwing it out or not wearing it, I combined my cheapness as well as resourcefulness and cut out the back closure system.  I needed something that was home-made and would be able to fit any size of head. I punctured a few holes in the back and then ran a shoelace through it and tied it up so it was the perfect fit!  Dylan saw it and was hyped and said we should start a company, and that’s what happened.

Who’s all involved?

Myself and Dylan Miller are the main contributors, we get some business knowledge from Talore Scroggs (humanoid canada) and Dustin O’ferrell and Taylor Hanley do some of the Tech stuff.

Nick and Dylan


Whats unique about heshbacks?

Right now we offer 2 unique closures, the first and OG design is just 2 shoelaces sewn into the back of the hat which lace up just like your shoes do, it provides a fit for any head size and is super comfy. This design we actually patented and no one can steal that idea now. The second is a more basic traditional thick laced closure which has a shoelace tip on the end to keep our idea going but offer something different ya know?

You’ve been doing some co-lab stuff with some other companies and crew. How’s that all working out?

It’s going real well. It’s awesome because they design the hats for the most part and its cool to see fresh patterns and designs with out patented closure.  Pretty humbling that companies want to get involved and are stoked on our idea. It gets our name out there a bit more also, like when Shredtown got their collab hats we saw them everywhere.  They were wearing them on national TV for the Xgames Medal ceremony and stuff, pretty sick.  I had family text me and say they saw it on TV.

Whats on tap for 2016 for heshbacks?

We got 3 fresh hats cooking up right now that will be available very shortly.  Sandbox has a collab hat that will be out very soon also.  There is a company or 2 in the wake scene that wants their own collab hats.  Its almost that time to be thinking ahead and making new product also!  We’re stoked.

Where can you get the product at?  We are in a few retail shops in Canada as well as a few cable parks in the states.


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