Girl : Dani

<h5>I’D LIKE TO THANK…</h5>

This is what I would sound like if I were a high school beauty queen winning a beauty pageant.*

“I’d like to thank God. I’d like to wish for world peace. I’d like to thank Mum and Dad, and my dog Toto, and my boyfriend Randy, and my best friend Kristy, and Jesus, and America, and the President, and Madonna for Lady Gaga. I’d like to thank the judges, and the sponsors, and the Bible, and my Grandma Mima. Other people have talents too, like some people can totally handstand longer than me; like Cindy in the cheer leading squad. I am so jealous of Cindy. Well, I was until I realised that tiaras are better than handstands. I’d like to thank…”

*Me not Dani, I’m sure she’s smart.

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