Dog Dayz Diary : Half Way There



“Shit’s about to get really weird” Trever Maur
Dog Dayz- Half way there update.

With the Teaser of Dog Dayz releasing at Expo. We sat down with Trever Maur and Randall Harris to talk about the movie and how it’s shaping up…

Union: You’re halfway through the movie right now. How’s the vibe and progression of the movie going right now?

Trever: Yeah. The vibe is really good right now. It’s had its ups and downs but we have been filming for 4 months so we’re in a good spot. As of now I’ve got pretty much all the riders stock tricks in the hard drive and some serious hammers too. Going forward now is the time to go for broke and send it a little harder than you normally do on a day-to-day basis. So this is going to be the fun part of filming these next couple of months.

Union: Now that it’s the second stage of filming do you have anything planned?

Trever: Yeah, going forward renting a house for a whole month, we’re about to have nine dudes and one chick in the house. Shit’s about to get really weird, but it should all come together well in the end. We’re going to go to San Francisco Bay, port of Stockton and maybe hit up another lake in the area like Shasta or something.

Union: So how’s Randall going to live in a house with 10 people for a month?

Trever: I don’t know, lets phone a friend on this. (Phone rings) Randall, hey it’s been a while, it’s good to talk to you again. I got a question for ya. A month in the delta for Dog Dayz is coming up and you don’t have a room or a bed. what are you doing for the next month at this house?

Randall: Well that an interesting way to break it to me that I won’t have a bed. just thinking about it. I think when I’m out there I’ll set up a tent in the living room make sure stock with lots of food and supplies maybe a bucket for the restroom.

Trever: Nobody cares. (Click). Next question? (Laughs) hahaha

Union: it’s there a standout story from filming so far?

Trever: Ya we shot Kaesen at this pretty gnarly winch spot. A double closeout handrail with no starting spot. So we had to build a start pool and first attempt the winch driver was super super nervous and Keasen was the same way. It took about 10 minutes just to get the guts to pull the trigger to try it. The winch stalled halfway on the run-up and ended up breaking the pool and all the water fell out of the pool, a pretty bummer moment, but we hustled fix that and got some pretty insane shots of the whole thing but that was a pretty gut wrenching moment.

Union: so over all how’s the film looking.

Trever: The footage that I got in the hard drive already is pretty unbelievable. all the athletes are really pushing themselves to be creative and diversify their riding. Personally as a filmer, I’m trying to push myself to step up my game creativity and the style of filming, yet keep a raw feel so far all the footage I’ve got. I’m just super pumped about it and I can’t wait for everyone to see the movie.

Check back for the Dog Dayz Teaser.

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