Dog Dayz Diary : Preview


Dog Dayz Diary – Following Trever Maur’s new full length

Trever Maur, the creator of Al Sur is done got busy making another film due for release in April next year. From the maker of Al Sur comes a West Coast Wakeboard Film. Focusing on style & personality. Featuring the West Coast’s most Respected Riders. Dog Dayz promises an artistic and creative look into the heart of style in Wakeboarding. Starting as soon as Trever gets back from 1. filming / 2. Derek Cook’s Wedding we’ll be getting the first instalment, in the meantime… follow @dogdayzfilm

Featuring the riding of

Randall Harris

Kaesen Suyderhoud

Josh Twelker

Derek Cook

Trever Maur

Melissa Marquardt

Mike Schwenne

Jacob Valdez

& Friends


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