Oli Breumlund took a trip to Oz and drove around the east coast with Chris O’shea and met some homies along the way. This video documents some of the fun times of exploring and shredding.

I’m afraid that ghosts will turn my alarm clock off before I wake. I’m afraid that my alarm wont ring, it will be raining outside and I’ll be traffic stuck in the late dawning rush. I’ll miss the lights, the fork in the road, and the entire week will be ruined. That’s absurd I know, but I guess I can’t prove that there aren’t alarm ghosts, sneakily wreaking havoc in my room as I sleep, so it pays to be cautious. Oliver Breumlund doesn’t believe me, but I keep telling him it’s a matter of faith, and besides, what if he’s wrong? He leaves himself open to red light sleep-ins and road rage daybreaks. The best bet is to not sleep at all, I say, or to travel to the other side of the world to get away from them. Why not, hey?

The Australian Humanoid Team—which includes Jacob Vinall, Chris O’Shea and Mitch Langfield—greeted Oliver on the ghost-free shores of Terra Australis one Sunnie Coast afternoon. They had already been traveling around Australia’s cable scene, shooting for Union and spreading the Humanoid word. Oliver, a fellow Humanoid member has all the positive attitude of a rested man as he disembarks. It’s all we can do for his efforts to document the wandering days spent riding up and down the edge of east to south Queensland in February. From Mackay (which I often spell Mackey and probably have at some point already in the magazine) to the Goldie, the boys packed tight in Chriso’s new Humanoid van and searched for spots to ride boards in general—surf, skate or wake.

Anyway, Oliver Breumlund lives in Copenhagen, Denmark usually; so it’s no small feat to travel to the land of oz. But he’s accustomed to travel, spending a fair chunk of time in the US over the last few years.

100km is the distance form the Goldie to Mackay. There is a lot of coast to see in that distance, and precisely zero ghosts to encounter, which is good because photo shoots work best when they’re on time, in the morning, and with as few poltergeists involved as possible.

Filmers : James Windsor, Oli Breumlund, Chris O’shea, Jacob Vinall.
Riders : Dillon Drelling, Chris O’shea, Jacob Vinall, Oli Breumlund


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