EDIT : Rising

Red Bull Rising High Union Wakeboarder Edit. Edit by Steffen Vollert. Footage by Chris O’Shea

The 2014 Red Bull Rising High event was a weekend to remember. Sesitec, Unit and Red Bull all came together to produce one of the standout events of the last 5 years. It gets said a lot, but this time we mean it – Riders literally going bigger than ever before.

Athletes from around the world showed up to hit one of the greatest big air setups in wake history. When it was all said and done Dominik Gührs of Germany took the top spot in front of Nico von Lerchenfeld (2nd) and Daniel Grant (3rd) to round out the podium. Not content with other footage, no, we had to work our asses of to bring you our own – like spoilt children, we are – Chris O’Shea and Steffen Vollert worked through the night to bring you this mind blowing edit.

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