FIVE : Sophie Hogben

Off kicker, straight leg tail at Republik. PIC : KARL HERMAN

Off kicker, straight leg tail at Republik. PIC : KARL HERMAN

“It’s crazy how many people I met in the states whom I’ve shaped my riding around” Sophie”

From the moment she stepped onto the plane mid last year, things were never going to be the same for Sophie Hogben. From Orlando to Thailand and everywhere in between she has become the world’s new favourite female. Here is what she has to say about her breakout year and what made it so damn life changing:

1: Getting the support to travel to the states for my first overseas summer.

Liquid Force Australia has supported me 100% from day one, and in 2013 they made the decision to fund my travels to the states for my first US season. I guess this was really the moment when I finally decided that I could give this a real go and hopefully work towards making a name for myself overseas.

2: Making my 2013 edit.

If you don’t already know, making an edit can be difficult. This season proved that to me. My 2013 summer edit took hours of filming and refilming, but the end product was something I was proud of (at the time, I’m onto new things now). Like Kaesen said to me… now you have to step it up again… thanks Kaesen, that puts you in a hard spot after ‘Incognito,’ good luck topping that!

3: The bi-level.

This year I was lucky enough to ride a number of bi-level setups, BSR being the first of these. It was a crazy feeling at first, I loved it, being able to hit rails up and down was obviously something completely different and new to me. CWC was probably my favourite place to ride this season and they have four different multilevel setups that are all pretty gnarly. Riding these definitely pushed my riding and made me to grow balls, that’s for sure. (Sorry mum, had to say it, there’s no nice way of putting it…)

4: Orlando, love/hate.

This one was easy for me, even though at times I felt like being in Orlando was getting a bit stale, it still offers something that no other place does and that’s the opportunity to ride with your favourite riders whenever you want.  It’s crazy how many people I met in the states whom I’ve shaped my riding around, and for a month or so around Expo the whole city is taken over by wakeboarders (well it feels that way)… I made so many new friends and met some people who I will be friends with for life. SO thanks Orlando (who can sometimes be BORE-lando…)

5: Signing with LF global and Ripcurl

I guess this one is self-explanatory. I think signing with these companies will create many opportunities in the future and I hope to be able to push the sport in the right direction with their support. It still blows me away that I’m lucky enough to be chosen to represent companies that I love and respect so much. I’m truly a very lucky person and can’t wait to continue chasing the dream!

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