New Format. Interview with Taylor Hanley.

There is a fair share of pressure I put on myself while working with these guys. They’re constantly bringing it to the table, so for me to shoot them with proper technique, while trying to be creative and unique means a lot to me.


Taylor Hanley and I got along from the moment we met. While in Australia, everybody there shooting for his new film ‘formats’ liked me because I made a joke about a Star Wars character having a cold and being called ‘Achoo-D2’ and if someone said that to me I would likely be their best friend for life. Perhaps Taylor and I are best friends now. Hmm? 

My new best friend and I, along with Canadians Raph Derome, Dylan Miller, Nick Dorsey, Texan Chris Abadie & Frankstonite Chris O’Shea were recently up at our house at Bundalong (Yep, our house in Bundalong) to shoot under the piercing Australian sun and drink Mexican beer. Those boys, along with Sam Rennie and his Wakesetter 23VLX, a late night drunken cameo from a guy named Dogga, an irrational and emotional hissy fit from an unnamed acquaintance and an unplanned pregnancy for a guy named Dave made for a memorable few days on the Borderline…

You were just in Australia shooting your movie?
Yeah! Dylan, Nick, Raph and myself decided to withdraw the savings account and book the journey down under!

Who is going to be in it?
We have Felix Georgii, Dylan Miller, Nick Dorsey, Guenther Oka, and Raph Derome

Why the name Formats? You’re Canadian. What about a name like ‘Hockey’ or ‘A Saskatchewan Wakeboard Movie’? you know things that sound more Canadian!? ‘KD Lang. A Wakeboard Journey’ or something like that maybe?
Man, that’s a good question. Apparently we needed you on the naming committee. (laughs) Well actually it was a concept that I have been wanting to do for a while now. I’m very fascinated with film and most things analog related. I love shooting film, along with the culture and science behind it. So the idea is that every rider’s section will have their own format alongside the production camera. Making everyone’s section personalised, while staying away from current fads or trends and hopefully making it timeless.

Have you listened to any good podcasts lately?
Yeah, when I travelled down there I listened to the whole ‘Serial’ series, but I still like to listen to ‘Ted Talks’, ‘Hidden Brain’, and ‘The Wandering DP’.

Do you think we live in a Multi-verse?
As of right now, yeah I could probably get on board with that concept. I’m not sure if it’s the theories that get me or just the idea I find intriguing.

Do you know another word for digress?
In action sports, Scooters… In this interview, definitely the tangent we’re going off on.

Having names like Raph Derome and Felix Georgii attached to this film is guaranteeing some fair interest. How much time have you shot with them? And who has been the dark horse that you think is stepping it up while shooting?
I’ve been on some small projects with both those guys, and obviously I will be a lot more over the next year. There is a fair share of pressure I put on myself while working with them. They’re constantly bringing it to the table, so for me to shoot them with proper technique, while trying to be creative and unique means a lot to me. Especially with the predecessors of amazing people they have filmed with. When people see the roster I think it will bring a level of legitimacy to the film. Everyone involved has been wanting to work on a project of this caliber, so it was awesome to see how dedicated everyone has been since I came forward with this idea. It hasn’t been just one person, the whole team has been has been pushing hard and it’s been incredible to work with such a great group of riders.

How long have you been a video guy?
Well I started getting into video work around 2012, and I got addicted right away. (laughs) I started surrounding myself in it, and now I’m constantly trying to shoot differently with varying techniques. Being unique while using uncommon tools is now something of a personal goal of mine.

What other films/edits have you been a part of?
Well this will be my first Full Length project, so diving head first into that. (laughs) I’ve been lucky enough to work with a lot of riders in the sport, just in the last couple of years I’ve done projects with Dylan Miller, Shawn Watson, Tony Iaconni, Gunner Daft, Mike Dowdy, Ben Leclair, Felix Georgii, Nico VonLerchenfeld, Cory Tuenissen, Bob Sichel, Trevor Bashir, Aaron Rathy, Jeff Langley, Kevin Henshaw, Mark Rugala, Gordon Harrison, The Remote Team, Andrew Pastura, Guenther Oka, Nick Dorsey and Dustin O’Ferrall.

The movie will have individual rider parts, but we will have an Oz part for the online series.

What did you do while you were here?
Well we did a fair bit of driving, we started off in Sydney, went to Penrith stayed at ‘Cables’ for a bit, then drove up to Gold Coast and through to Sunshine Coast. We stayed up there for a fair bit, surfing and riding ‘Bli Bli’. Then drove straight through to Yarrawonga to meet up with you guys for a couple of days on the way to Melbourne, drove back and flew out of Sydney. So we were there for a month and were able to get quite a bit of winching done, a little boat riding, and some cable for the online series.

You were at Bundalong in Victoria with us for a few days. What do you think of the place? Had you heard/seen it before?
Yes we had all seen it in the movies, but as usual it didn’t do it justice! It was so cool coming out of the river and into the open lake for the first time, and getting to shoot at sunset was unreal.

Is the movie going to be split up into sections?
The movie will have individual rider parts, but we will have an Oz part for the online series.

What other places have you shot/will you be shooting?
We will be winching a lot through America. There will be a trip through Austria, Germany, Denmark. We will be on the east coast of Canada in Quebec, as well as the west coast in British Columbia, where I grew up.

How long do you plan on collecting/shooting footage for formats?
Ideally wrapping up around January 2018, but I’m sure some guys will want to get in there last minute tricks.

When will you finish shooting and get into production?
End of winter so I can start laying out the parts, and give myself some time to do colour and audio. As well as Mastering it, and getting it ready for iTunes.

How long does it take to go through a year worth of footage?
As long as you can sit in a chair for… It’s never ending and I’m very organised so I have to do it in a specific way.

When are you releasing the movie?  Spring 2018, should be sometime in April, after we finish all the premieres.

Anything else?? 
Well I would like to thank everyone who has helped us along the way so far, and the continued support in this project. Thanks to you guys for taking time to do this article, and for more updates along the way check out our social media @formatsfilm.

Do you dig Neil deGrasse Tyson or Carl Sagan more? Or maybe you’re a Bill Nye guy?
Probably Neil, childhood me says Bill, but they’re both just failed actors who aren’t really scientists. (laughs)

Formats will be out April 2018.

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