One Trick with: Danny Harf

Happy Birthday Danny Harf

After more than a decade of shaping the sport of wakeboarding, Danny Harf turns the big ’Three-O’ today. His riding is still progressing after all this time and with so much more to give to the sport, he is sure to continue to blow minds for many years to come. He has been the first to land so many tricks that we can’t even name them all but just to name a few; the first to do a ‘Heel 1080’, Toe 1260, not to mention that he came up with the ‘Blind Pete’. When you look back on the history of the sport Danny’s name will always be mentioned as a guy that pushed it the hardest. With unmatched style, everyone wants to ride like Danny because in short – he is wakeboarding. So thank you Danny Harf for making wakeboarding look so nice. Happy Birthday.

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