Harley owns the world


Having just taken out the Moomba Wakeboard event. Harley got on a plane only to do it all again over in Mandurah WA at the recent World Cup stop. Chris O’Shea sat down with him just after taking it out.

I’m sitting here with the one and only Harley Clifford. Tell us about your win today in the world cup today.
Yeah, it was definitely one of the closest contests I’ve had. I went out there after Shota (Tezuka) totally kill it, he did a toe 9, heel 7, crow 5, front mobe 5 and stuff, so it was definitely a tough one to go up against. I didn’t do exactly what I wanted but just did enough to scrape past the line. I am pretty stoked with the win.

Do you enjoy doing these world cup events?
Yeah, the world cup events are awesome. We get to go to different places every Stop. It’s definitely good that we get to explore the world doing these events. Plus, the people who are here are all cool and I get travel and hang out with some of my best friends, which is awesome.

Nice, so what’s going on for the rest of the season?
I am on the Mastercraft Australia tour for the time being, with Andrew Adkison and Tony Iacconi. We are over here in Perth and then heading over to NSW. I go back to the states in about two weeks. Then when I get back to the states I’ll just be doing some full on riding.


Any video parts?
Yeah, I’ve been filming with Jake Blodget and Oakley for the past three months. I’ve actually done 7 or 8 new tricks that no-one really knows about yet for the part. So I’m just going to keep filming and riding and hopefully have a mad section at the end of the year.

When can we expect to see this?
Probably September I reckon. I have a bunch of more stuff that I have in mind so hopefully we can do and we’ll see how it turns out.

Nice thanks Man.

To find out the dates for the tour or the Mastercraft Australia facebook site.

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