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“I think that’s what I like the most when it comes to style: that it’s so linked to personality.: JOHN BROER

John Broer is from Holland. “Okay, so, tell me about the hash bars. What you want to know? Well, hash is legal there, right? Yeah, it’s legal, but it ain’t a hundred percent legal. I mean, you can’t walk into a restaurant, roll a joint, and start puffin’ away. They want you to smoke in your home or certain designated places. Those are hash bars? Breaks down like this, okay: it’s legal to buy it, it’s legal to own it, and if you’re the proprietor of a hash bar, it’s legal to sell it. It’s illegal to carry it, but that doesn’t really matter ‘cause, get a load of this, all right: if you get stopped by the cops in Amsterdam, it’s illegal for them to search you. I mean that’s a right the cops in Amsterdam don’t have. Oh, man. I’m going, that’s all there is to it. I’m f**king going.”

What can you tell about you from your riding? I’m a pretty easy going and laid back kind of guy I think, and some people have told me that they like how my riding often looks pretty chilled, so that makes sense I guess. Personally I like it when you can see the character in someone’s riding. Like when you get to know someone better you recognize more subtle characteristics or details in their riding, or when you’ve seen someone’s riding a lot and then you get to meet them later and their riding makes more sense all of a sudden. I had that with Windsor couple of weeks back. I think that’s what I like the most when it comes to style: that it’s so linked to personality.

What is the most important thing about riding? Getting chicks! Ha. And to hang out with the homies.

What is your background? A bit of skate and snow. Actually, I joined the army when I was 19, I was finished with high school and didn’t want to go and study. Some of my friends were going so I thought it could be fun. Luckily I could still drop out after eight months instead of getting deployed to Afghanistan. F**k that would have been a shit one, haha! It was fun for a while though; I got to throw a hand grenade, that was a blast.  Then after that I started working at a cable close to my home. That pretty much changed my life actually. The dudes working and riding at the cable became homies pretty quickly; we had the sickest summers with parties and riding all together. So from then I just wanted to keep doing that. I got raised a bit by wakeskaters, learned to see more outside the box, and I started to spend my winters in the Philippines going for the endless summer!

Where do you ride? CWC has been my home cable now for the past five winters. Without CWC, wakeboarding wouldn’t have been the same. It would probably have been just a summer hobby for me back home in Holland where I ride at Down Under Cableways and Wet ‘n’ Wild—my original home cable.

Who do you ride with? I ride the most with Antoni van der Wekken and Cameron Graham. But here at CWC there’s a whole list to mention. Rad dudes like Manu Rupp, Silvio, Ben Leclair, Graeme Burress, Ian Curry-Lindahl, Jacob Vinal, Matt Montoro, and our trasher legend Paul Bichet! Back in Holland I ride with Sjors van de Kerkhof, Dirk Gideonse, Daan Rigter and Tommy Swaan.

I went to your Facebook site to find out how old you were and all it says is that ‘you were born.’ Is that true? Yeah, that’s just me living in denial, so I can still say I’m 21 when I have trouble growing up. But really, I guess it’s my privacy settings, you have to be my Facebook buddy to know my real age. I’ve been 21 for five years now!

Sponsors? Slingshot helped me a lot this year by picking me up in their national team, and Fox is helping me out with my clothing.

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