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Manu Rupp

Manu at the Bricks. P: O’Shea

“Every time I get hooked to a carrier my head is totally free” Manu Rupp

MANU RUPP grew up in a little village in southern Germany. Years later he travels to 20 different countries every calendar just to ride a wakeboard. Kind of makes you sound a little boring, doesn’t it?

Who are you and where are you from?
Manu Rupp and I grew up in a little village right in the mountains in southern Germany. For four years now I’ve been travelling the world, riding and building cable parks with Sesitec.

Where does the name Manu come from?
It’s actually just a short version of my first name—Manuel.

Do you ride cable or boat?
Mainly cable, System 2.0. I would love to ride boat sometime but petrol is pretty expensive in Germany and I don’t have a boat!

How do you approach your riding?
I just try to ride as clean as possible, lock into my tricks and get creative on everything I find out there. The most important thing for me is to have fun every time I’m riding.

How does your riding speak for you?
Every time I get hooked to a carrier my head is totally free and I don’t have to think about anything besides what rail I will hit next and what I can try on it. Sometimes you get super focused before you try a trick and try to give it just that little extra tweak or grab your board for an extra second.

If you could be remembered for one thing in wakeboarding what would it be?
Probably the trip to the Philippines filming for this time around… We got to do so many awesome things there and had one of the sickest cable parks in the world to ourselves for a good week, to build and add stuff to all the obstacles. Plus we had awesome parties and smashed Red Horses while looking at the sunset—good times!

Where do you ride?
Really all over the world these days–I spend like three months a year at home in Germany riding at Turncable and Wake Park Thulba, and sometimes at the Bricks or Langenfeld or wherever I’m swinging by. Since 2010 I’ve been spending my winters in Australia, riding mostly at Bli Bli and, of course, Penrith and Cairns. I also love the Asian spots like Thai Wake Park and CWC.

Who do you ride with?
It’s impossible to name everyone but I really enjoy sessions with Mitch Langfield, James Windsor, Nico, Felix, Daniel Grant, Chris O´Shea, Shredtown, Greg Wood, Scotty Green, and many, many more…

What is your first wakeboarding memory?
Riding behind my parents’ 15hp tinny, when I was like 10 years old.

How many countries have you travelled to in the last 12 months?
Probably about 15 to 20… I don’t really know!!! I’ve been to Russia, USA, Indonesia, the Philippines, Australia, Thailand, and a few countries in Europe…

What is one thing you would like to do, but haven’t?
Move to Australia!

What is one thing you’d like to do, but can’t?
Beam myself to all the places I need to travel to… I’m so over sitting in planes, aye!

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