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At 7 years old they taught me to wakeboard behind the boat but I didn’t really get into the sport until I was 18 because I played soccer for an Olympic development league.

Where are you from? 
I’m from Houston, Texas

Can you share with us a little on your background. how you got started riding etc?
I was born and raised in southern Texas with a gang of older brothers that made me face my fears at a young age. At 7 years old they taught me to wakeboard behind the boat but I didn’t really get into the sport until I was 18 because I played soccer for an Olympic development league. After a couple knee surgeries my doctor advised me to pick a new sport. The following weekend I went to the cable park with my brother Erik and I haven’t stopped riding since then.

How old are you? 
I’m 21

You recently won Fise. Congrats! Did you ride in the Valdosta Yardsale? 
Haha I actually came second at Fise but the weekend before that I won Lagenfeld Open in Germany. And yeah I rode at Yardsale, it was the most fun I’ve had in a competition setting. But I was the only girl that showed up to ride so i had to compete with the guys. I didn’t mind tho, I really felt like I was part of the progression of wakeboarding and it was so cool of the guys for being so supportive of my involvement . So shoutout to the Valdosta crew (and all the homies there) for putting together the sickest contest and allowing me to be apart of it. Hope next year I can get an invite haha

Do you get scared of big rail set-up’s at the invite only contest? 
I wouldn’t say I get scared, I think being scared is thrilling so i guess I handle my fears a different way. But yeah it’s just exciting not scary. Just gotta realize that If the other guys can do it then why can’t I, ya know?

Do you have many passions/hobbies outside of wakeboarding?
Yeah I’m kind of all over the place. I normally have a bunch of little creative projects I work on. Like painting or woodwork or refurbishing thrift shop findings or whatever I can get my hands dirty with.  And, I like staying active so if I’m not riding I’m working out or hiking or helping my brother build rails on his land or going to the ninja gym or something like that. Oh and I also go to college in the fall and I’ve got a part time job as a waitress. Haha.

How do you intend to spend the rest of the year? 
I plan to travel to the major international contests like Plastic playgrounds in London and Worlds at CWC. Do a little filming here and there and then make my way over to Bali for my birthday after worlds. That’s the plan for now.

How do you ride for? 
My only two sponsors at the moment are Follow and Konex. Follow is (the best) wakeboard accessory brand with (the best) life vests, wetsuits, handles and clothing. Konex is the next generation of cable systems.

Would you date a wakeboarder? 
Haha. Well yeah, I am actually.

Do you think your more focused on filing video parts or contest? 
I put way more attention on filming but I’m competitive so I also do contests for fun.

Do you watch many wakeboard movies? 
I do every now and then. But I couldn’t tell you which ones I liked the most. Ha

Favorite section of all time? 
I can’t narrow it down haha.

Do you spend a lot of time in the Phillips? If so Why? 
Yeah, I usually spend a couple months out of the year there. It’s such a perfect setup to progress on, every time I ride at CWC I leave feeling more confident in my riding. Also, the area is so nice. The animals, the people and the lifestyle you experience in CamSur is so unique to any other cable park I’ve been to.

Best part about traveling? 
The adventure. I say wakeboarding is my reason to travel but I’ve always had the urge to explore.

What female riders have killed it this your in your opinion?
I think a lot of the girls are stepping their game up, this competition season will be stacked. I think Maryh Rougier has been shredding lately, at Langenfeld and Fise she killed it.

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