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Cody, riding away from the Anacondas  in downtown Orlando. Pic: O'Shea

Cody, riding away from the Anacondas in downtown Orlando. Pic: O’Shea

“My sister got a wakeboard from Walmart for Christmas.” Cody Hesse

I’ve watched a few edits of Cody Hesse lately, and every time I’m like ‘Dam, Cody Hesse is so stylish.’ But it’s not just his riding that gets me, the kid kind of looks like a young Byerly, and most of the time his laid-back stance is reminiscent of a rider who simultaneously is loving it and couldn’t give a shit. Because of this, he is on our radar, not just as a rider who we totally dig, but also as a rider who could blow up anytime soon. So after I watched Nice and Clean for the 19th time on (plug) —I had to find out more. So I did, and now so have you.

Cody Hesse—who are you? F**ked if I know!

Where do you ride? And who with? Mainly in the central Florida area. I couldn’t name all the people I ride with.

How did you start riding and why did you continue to ride? My sister got a wakeboard from Walmart for Christmas. I tried it, loved it, and I wanted to see how far I could go with it.

What is your background? Where did you grow up? Virginia… Right below the ole Mason Dixon, raised by a single mother of two (me and my sister Megan) moved from a trailer park in Culpeper to Lake Anna. Down the street by my grandparents’ house which was right on the lake. Lived there until I turned 18 then moved to Orlando.

What are your favorite rails, wakes, kickers etc.?  I like handrails, the G23’s wake, and the unit XL… I haven’t hit the Red Bull Rising High set up yet.

What’s the most effort you’ve gone to to ride? As a kid my neighbors and I used to ride in ditches, we would tow each other behind a four-wheeler. It worked.

What’s the most effort you’ve gone to to ride that didn’t work? Probably my buddy’s johnboat , which had like a 5hp motor or something.

How much do you ride?  I ride as much as possible, what rider doesn’t?

What do you do the other part of the day? Cattle rancher, karate instructor, dramatic romance actor, snake whisperer, ventriloquist, French horn player, Sunday driver…

You look a little like a young Scott Byerly, has anyone ever told you that? Who the fuck is Scott Byerly?

You are on the Byerly team, what does he think of your riding? Has he told you that you look like him? Hopefully he thinks it’s good if he put me on the team, does he have a mullet too?

Do you ever hang out the front of 7-11 just staring at people coming in? Hell no… What kinda creep does that?

A creep with a mullet! Do you travel, or just stay in Orlando riding at Clear Lake and OWC? I just recently went to Georgia and North Carolina with Scott and the team, and we’re about to go to Louisiana (my favorite state) and Texas so it’ll be a fun season! What is the future of Cody Hesse? Shitting on private jets, and hitting home runs with the young version of Tara Reid.

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