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Off the water he’s weird. On the water he kills it. PIC: O’SHEA

Off the water he’s weird. On the water he kills it. PIC: O’SHEA

“Maybe I’m a bit weird I’ve been told. I guess my riding might be the same…” Julian COHEN

The French-speaking USA native is unique on the water and even more so off. Ed. “What do you think of JULIAN COHEN? I’ve seen a few of his edits lately and he seems like he’s killing it. Has he come out of nowhere?” Chris “Yeah, he’s a little crazy, but a genuine ripper for sure, get him in.” So here we go…

Where are you from? I am born in San Francisco California, but raised in Orlando Florida. I’m French due to my parents teaching us French as my first language and that’s all we speak at home!

Boat or cable? Both! Off season cable is when I ride boat!

Where do you ride the most? I ride at Orlando Watersports Complex the most (OWC).

How much travelling do you do per year? I travel about 120 days of the year!

How do you approach your riding? I love free riding. Simple fun things! That’s my approach!

How does your riding speak for you? When I’m off the water I’m always talking and being different… Maybe a bit weird I’ve been told! I guess my riding might be similar…

What’s one thing that you think the sport of wakeboarding needs? Hmm I think we need more coverage so more people know about the sport. I think we have exactly what we need: crazy riders and a fun sport, very easy to learn!

What is one thing you would like to do but haven’t? I’d love to do a stunt like JD Webb. Jumping a huge fountain in the middle of the city seems awesome! He’s crazy for that. Seems like something you can remember more than just winning a contest or landing a new trick.

What is one thing you would like to do but can’t? I’d love to be a tennis player! I can’t because of my previous injuries.

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