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I do think that your personality reflects your riding style, so don’t try to ride like someone else than yourself and add something fresh and new instead.

Are you in the Philli’s (cwc)?
Im currently home in Sweden, Västerås. My recent posts from CWC was all unused footage from my last trip over there in Feb.

How old are you?
22 Years of age

Facbook or instagram?

You have been riding for some time now?
I strapped in on a wakeboard for the first time Summer 2011 at THE BREDDAS wakepark. So I guess I should say 6 years, even though my first 2 years was all in Sweden and our seasons are extremely short due to our cold weather.

You have been dropping some insane footage on instagram lately. Just blasting off the kick and doing the longest grabbed and smoothest 900’s that I think I’ve seen anyone doe. Are you riding a big board and if so, would you say it helps your riding?
First of all thank you for the nice words, very much appreciated! Im riding the Liquidforce Eclipse series witch comes in a 151, 156 and 161. So yes, its def a bigger board then Ive been riding before. To be honest I actually got one of the 161s just to have fun with and play around with, but as soon as I strapped in on that beast of a board I fell in love with it. Id say that this board takes my riding to the next level for sure, I can go so much bigger and still have unreal soft landings. If I would try that 900 you mentioned on a size 145 I would prob have my knees blown out! Not only do I feel like I can go bigger, but I feel like I get very consistant with every trick I throw of the kick. My advise to you, give it a try before you say that its too big, you might just ending up loving it!

Are you working on any video project at the moment?
I’m taking my time now when Im back home to not focus so much on filming but to progress in my riding and focus on things Im not very good at so that my next video wont end up looking the same as my last one. I dont want to be a rider that throws the same tricks over and over again on film. Hopefully you will be able to see my progress in my next video project when I feel like Im ready for it. However, right now Im in the middle of the European competing season so Im getting ready for Munich Mash Rail and Air thats coming up next weekend in Germany, should be good fun!

Do you have any sponsors?
Liquidforce, Ripcurl scandinavia, Nocomplywake, Republicwake

How did your first sponsor come about?
I went to a Liquidforce Demo at Fagersta Cablepark here in Sweden and got to try out some of the boards and bindings. Nicolai Perdrup and Martin Gustavsson are the distrubitors of Liquidforce Sweden and they liked my riding and my attitude. Ever since that summer Ive been on a LF board and have had full support from them.

What riders have inspired and shaped your riding?
Oh man.. Thats a hard one, but to name a few. Graeme Burres, Ben Leclair, Raph Derome, Dom Hernler, Felix Georgii, Randall Harris, Oliver Breumlund.

Do you think peoples riding style can reflect what there personality could be like?
For sure, just take a look at Daniel Grant for example. Crazy and a insane amount of energy and that you will def see on his riding as well. And then you look at Raph Derome, still insane tricks but a way more relaxed riding style. And as a person you will find he is a super mellow down to earth kinda guy. So yeah I absolutely think that your personality will show in your riding.

You do some of the most tech stuff but it still look so composed with good style. Is style something you work on?
Style is something I see people worry about allot, especially the groms down at the cableparks. I can honestly say that allot of the groms I meet worry more about style then I do.
And yeah sure thats cool but if everyone aims for the same goal and to all look the same out there on the water we will all end up looking the same. As I said before, I do think that your personality reflects your riding style, so dont try to ride like someone else than yourself and ad something fresh and new instead. Id say Im satisfied with my trick when I think it felt good, smooth, proper. And if that happens to be what other people like to watch then thats awesome haha!

Can we expect to see you in Australia next summer?
I heard some rumors of Plastic Playground throwing an event next year in Australia, so yes hopefully that will be a great opportunity for me to head down under for the first time!

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