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Being from Canada it is no surprise that Nicolas Leduc is inspired by snowboarding as much as any other sport. Though nowadays he spends his life on the water his influences are still evident in everything he does. We should Know more about him and so should you…

How long have you been riding?

I would say around 6-7 years now. Not all year long though, our Canadian summer is not so long (4-5 months) so I’ve been riding all year long for 3 years now.

Have you always tried to film?

I didn’t really like filming at first. I think I really got into it 2 years ago and start enjoying it. I guess the challenge of landing new tricks, getting the good shot is what a like about it now. Especially with winching, it’s way more rewarding to setup a spot and get the good shot after couple hours without getting kicked out than film a trick in 10 minutes at the park.

It’s really because I love to film now that I’m doing it. Otherwise I wouldn’t be doing something that I don’t enjoy doing.

Do you snowboard?

YES, before getting 100% into wakeboarding, I use to be at the mountain all week long. Even though I live on the east side of Canada where all the small mountains are, I was there 24/7. I used to go street snowboarding with the crew because there’s thousands of spots in Montreal.

Now I don’t have much time to snowboard during winter but I still find time to go for a couple powder sesh somewhere in America.

What inspires your riding style?

It’s half and half between snowboarding and wakeboarding. I’ve been watching snowboard video parts and movies forever so when it comes to style, it’s easier for me to try to pick up style from a snowboarder that I like. Perhaps, I try as much as I can to not imitate snowboarding and develop my own way of riding that distinguish wakeboarding from any other sports. Since there’s a lot of stylish rider’s in wakeboarding right now, It’s really cool to take a look at them and try to inspire myself from it.

You just got on Hyperlite yeh? How did that come about?

It’s been a year or so now, I was in the Philippines at the time for the winter. I didn’t have any kind of sponsor at all and was just riding for fun and enjoying the Phillies. I was supposed to leave for Thailand and then for some reason I decided to stay at CWC. I met Greg Nelson two days after at the park and he helped me out. Since then, I’m in for a long ride with Hype!

Where is your home and do you have a good crew to ride?

Montréal, Canada. I mostly ride a pointe’s wake park during summer when I’m home. Can’t ask for a better crew to be honest. There’s always someone to shred with at the park no matter what time I show up so it’s always a good time with the homies. Plus our park is mixed up with the beach club which is a huge party venue = good place to hangout.

Do you like boat riding?

I really enjoy riding boat. Since my parents don’t have a boat and friends as well. I never get to ride it. So that one or two time a year is always interesting to get away from cable riding and get out of my comfort zone.

What are your favorite WAKE video parts?

I think I have too many favorite parts. I feel like the ones with good music, riding, editing, and vibe are the ones that I will watch again and again on a plane ride. The Republ1c plaza from Ben Leclair, Pushin’ from Dylan Miller, Incognito from Kaesen Suyderhoud are the one that comes in my mind as I’m writing this.

If you ask later, I’ll probably have other ones in mind.

Have you seen Mayday?

No, my wakeboard culture is bad. I’ve seen parts from the movie but not the whole thing. One day, I’ll sit on a couch and watch old parts and movies to know what wakeboarding was 20 years ago. I use to do it for snowboarding. I just didn’t do it yet.

Check out Mayday. Greg Nelson flat spin Steeze is worth a look!

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