LEFTOVERS : Delta Force

All of us really care about how our riding looks” Josh Twelker

Dude, Dude. Dude.  Derek Cook, Trever Maur & Josh Twelker are three riders that I love to watch more than any others right now. It’s not just the riding though, I always walk away after watching something of theirs with two things in my head. 1. Wakeboarding is fun. 2. Wakeboarding is legitimate. Fun & Legit. Delta Force Leftovers from 2014/15

“We just go out and ride and do our thing. Our intention, I guess, is for all of us to ride with our own unique style. All of us really care about how our riding looks. We all work on making every trick look right, getting the grab in the right place, and making our riding fun to watch. If that brings attention to boat riding, and West Coast riding in particular, then that’s great. I think that we all just want to push our riding in a direction that gives legitimacy to the sport.” Josh Twelker

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