Chris O’Shea footage 2008-2013

Perhaps more than any other rider, Chris OShea has walked his own roads. They’ve been of speculation and reason, of losses & victory and of battles & vindications. So, with all that Chris O’Shea is doing or has done, it can sometimes become lost that he is one of the world’s elite wakeboarders. From the next ‘big thing’ – to the world’s most respected free-rider. From the world’s most respected free-rider – to broke and in need of a job. Chris O’Shea knows uncertainty is a way of life. But wouldn’t you rather be broke and playing your own part in life’s strange act than to be an understudy on someone else’s stage? If you’re destined to walk but one path then how could you justify being on any other route but your own?

He has definitely walked his own path and continues to do so. As proof we put together a collection of old and new footage taken from Box of Fun by Collin Harrington, In-Transit by Josh Robinson, & his Summer Trails Josh Robinson.

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