It’s hard to get the time to do things, what with all the things you have to do. Saving you some time, here’s our pick of all the shit that went up on our site in April condensed into one radical post. Look no further, now take a further look.

Young Guns

At the end of February Slingshot team rider Steffen Vollert traveled to Thailand to produce an edit of the next generation of Slingshot Wake team riders Victor Salmon and Blake Bishop. These two young guns live on opposite sides of the globe but are roughly the same age and enjoy the same things – wakeboarding in particular. Check out Steffen’s blog post for more details on this adventure to Thailand! Edit: Steffen Vollert.

Keaton Roper

Keaton Roper burns the wakesurfer and puts it down like a man on his wakeboard. Shredding the beautiful lakes of Canada and jibbing his face off at Area 52. With wrapped tricks that are grabbed for day’s and some new jib, 360’s onto wall rides and some crazy transfers. This edit is legit and worth 2 minutes of anyones day.


WILDWAKESKI SEASON OPENING WITH FELIX GEORGII. It’s Felix Georgii at a dope park. What more do you need to know. Treat your self.


“Over the last three years, I have spent the majority of my time away from home riding cable parks all over the world. After being away from home for so long, I thought it would be a good idea to showcase my riding in my home town Austin, Texas. I am excited to show everyone the way I like to wakeboard. A bit wider stance, 90’s style, sending it as big as I can type of wakeboarding. I figured “FULL SEND” would be an appropriate title for this video. I hope you guys enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed putting it together.” JB ONEILL

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