News : Shane Bonifay Injury


Start of the reason
Switch Double Pete Rose ( video 1)
Came up short while i was trying this for trick of the year. (late august 2013)
Got some X-rays and it didn’t show the vertical heel fracture.
Few weeks in a boot and thinking it was just sprained, it never healed.
After a month I got an MRI and showed a lot of bone bruising and the vertical heel fracture.
After another month or more in a walking boot I could ride but it was pretty painful, the boot would act as a wrap or a brace while I was in it so it was possible but afterwards it would swell up a lot .
Next was a bone cement style surgery to get rid of bruising on the ankle and heel (doctor said it wasn’t a large chance it would work but said it might help a little) . (pic 2)

after a few weeks of healing and i realized it didn’t really help at all, at this point i went to several different doctors and trying a bunch of different stuff, acupuncture, so many different therapy places, something called pain therapy where he pushed in on the pain as hard as he could and then would tell me to run. it didn’t really work
Next was cortisone every 4 to 6 months, just so I could ride but I never was 100%. I could only ride maybe 4 sets in a few days before it would swell up.
In a normal ankle your heel isn’t connect to the ankle and mine was floating around even more then normal. Anytime I would run or skateboard my heel would move to much and it would get swollen.
After 2 years of the cortisone it was wearing off in 4 months or so I finished my 20 year anniversary video with liquid force , I went in for my 2nd and really intense ankle surgery. This was the subtalar fusion.
(Subtalar fusion is performed to either correct rigid instability of the subtalar joint and/or to remove painful arthritis of this joint) they put two large screws through your heel to connect it to the ankle taking a bit of the shin to put in-between the bones so the fusion takes better. (pic 4 and 5)

I’ve been wakeboarding for 22 years and I’m 33 so that means I have been wakeboarding longer then I haven’t. And right now I haven’t wakeboarded in the longest time since I started wakeboarding.

But after all of that, 2 months in a cast and 6 months of physical therapy.

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