Melon Backside 540 : Chris O’Shea

Trever Maur just dug up some unreleased footage from f**k know’s when of your’s truly. Full edit from this dinosaur will drop next week. Until then here’s an unreleased Melon Backside 540.  I must of been baked when we shot this because I don’t remember us filming it. Anyway, what I do remember is that I thought you could hold the grab on this trick all the way around to method and then drop it into 540. Every time I tried holding the grab all the way around to method I’d get that beloved backside edge we all love. But shit, maybe someone like Guenther Oka could do this trick the way I imagined it. I’ll pay $100 to who ever sends me footage of them doing a Melon to Method Backside 540. It has to be executed in the same style as I do the trick in this video but just hold the grab all the way around to method. Just tag #unionwakeboarder on Instagram and #100DOLLAROSHEATRICK.

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