Petition : Stop the Murray River Ban

The proposed ban along the Murray River.

This may only immediately effect those living in a small area, but honestly, anyone from Lake Tinaroo to the Derwent River in all likely hood has ridden on the Murray at one point or another.

Hell even Saskatchewaneon Oil Riggers from Canada spend some of their year riding here. So you can see the urgency that we should muster when some backwater idiot decides things were better in their day and want to close part of the Murray River from Bundalong to Corowa to Wakeboarding so that they can enjoy a peaceful afternoon of ‘lake spotting’ like they used to.

Water sports are the lifeblood of the area and the lifeblood of a lot of communities dotted along the famous state dividing river, not to mention that if a local government sees merit in the argument why not another, then another, then another?? So we want to stop the bleeding before it starts. And so do the guys on the save ‘Save Boating on the Murray River’ Facebook page. Below is taken from their online petition, we urge you to click the link and sign it so that we can all continue to enjoy our favourite pastime without having to justify ourselves to some idiot politician and/or police officer.

Stop the proposed ban along the Murray River.

If you want to be able to keep using our rivers for water-sports we need your help to stop the proposed ban of Wake Enhancing Devices from between the Bundalong Junction all the way through to Corowa. This is not just about Wake Boats; this is just a foot in the door because if they succeed with the ban – it is proposed to commence Easter 2018. What is to say that is the proposed ban is implemented that it doesn’t ban other towed Water-Sports, such as Water-Skiing and possibly even Fishing. (As was done on the Williams River, NSW in 2016. ) Some may say that they can’t ban all boats and also they won’t be going any further on the Murray with the ban; however the reality is they can and will if we don’t stand up and voice our opinion!
Bundalong is not the sleepy little town that it once was years ago, we have had 300% more growth than anywhere else within the Moira Shire, and if you drive down any street in Bundalong you will notice that majority of the driveways are homes to Wake-boats.
Our local economy relies heavily on the Water-Sport enthusiasts not only in Bundalong; but surrounding areas such as Yarrawonga, Mulwala, Corowa, Wangaratta, Shepparton, Albury ect. The whole region relies on a tourist based economy to get by.

Our land prices have greatly increased over the last couple of years as more and more people have discovered Bundalong. There is a massive amount of new houses been built and land sub divided to accommodate the growth in this town; and Moira Shire reap the rewards with some rates higher Melbourne suburbs.
Now they are supporting a ban of our biggest asset!!!

We all know that the real issue is about safety on the water, but no one wants to publish that as it means putting more resources into the river to police an already under manned system. (There is one man who looks after the whole area.)
Yes there is some big boats on the water, and yes there is a small minority that need to be educated on the etiquette and rules of our water ways. However that should mean that education and policing is what needed to happen – not an outright BAN.
So if you want to keep the town of Bundalong and surrounding areas alive, you need to fight for your right to use the mighty Murray River. Get on board and show your support – we need your help.

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