Raw Interview : Trever Maur

Raw Interview : Trever Maur – Dog Dayz Update

Breaking your hand during filming is not the ‘luck’ that you need in order to produce a wakeboard movie. With a pin in his left arm, Trever Maur is still juggling the production roles along with co-ordinator and rider. But, in his own words “It’s all worth it”…”Anyways, it’s been cool. now going forward I think we are going to do one more trip to So Cal in November, it’s a little bit warmer in So Cal now so that make more sense to go out there, get a little bit more film of Jacob, Randall and Mel. Mikes Been slayin’ it so I’m excited. April is still the release Date. Everybody seems into it and everybody is pretty pumped on their section.”

WARNING: Some footage of the pin is Trever’s arm is kind of Gross. If you’re not into medical shows then you might want to just listen instead of watch.

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