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<strong>Edit : </strong>Muddy Memories

Edit : Muddy Memories

Nicolas Leduc drops this 2016 edit. Time waits for no man, or so I’ve heard. So Nicolas Leduc throws this one out to the ether in the hopes that if time won’t stop it will at least be remembered.

<strong>Edit : </strong>Hot & Cold

Edit : Hot & Cold

Rockstar’s last effort was dean’s massive crazy netball banger. Now It Cody Hesse’s turn. Its no secret that this kid is one of our favourite riders.

<strong>EDIT : </strong>Random Leary

EDIT : Random Leary

What does Random Clips mean? What does Random Clips mean? Probably that either Matt Rodgers or Ryan Leary […]

<strong>Film : </strong>Labas Maynila

Film : Labas Maynila

A Short Film by DUP Wake. Shot on Location at Pradera Wake Park, Lubao, Philippines. Featuring the DUP Team. Antoni Van Der Wekken, Tobias Michel, Carlo Dela Torre,Manu Rupp, Jonty Green, Scotty Broome, Bruno Barge, Kayne Reid, Sylvain Antoine, Yannik, Paton Caetano.

<strong>EDIT : </strong>Gorillan N’ Chillin’

EDIT : Gorillan N’ Chillin’

Gorillan N’ Chilin’ – Well Clark Davis and the boys at Jibtopia sure know how to shred your face off. Look this edit contain some of the most unique riding I’ve ever seen, so watch it alright!?

<strong>Istudiomo : </strong>Nick Taylor

Istudiomo : Nick Taylor

A true student and scholar of wakeskating Nick Taylor has made it his life’s work. To him wakeskating is a science and he has been doing thousands of hours of field research for the last dozen years

<strong>EDIT : </strong>Natural Playground

EDIT : Natural Playground

Ben Leclair is a Quebecker, a wakeboarder and a man whose every move is fire. I don’t know how describe this except to say that, ‘its all over’ the 2017 edit of the year goes to Ben Leclair…

<strong>Edit : </strong>Fun Fun Fun

Edit : Fun Fun Fun

A online clip Felix Georgii filmed together with two good friends, Nico von Lerchenfeld and Lukas Sues, with a genuine 90’s home video vibe that cost him all of 35 Euro.

<strong>Sewer Clips : </strong>Braden Ioi

Sewer Clips : Braden Ioi

Braden Ioi couldn’t have done any of this without the help of my best friends. Wait, not my best friends; his.

North Bound

North Bound

Northbound Park in Aurich, way up high in Germany is stocked with Unit Park Tech features. Nico von Lerchenfeld travelled to spend one day shredding the place apart.

45 Seconds of Good

45 Seconds of Good

If I could ride like anyone, I think Im San would be in my top 3. How this kid isn’t a way bigger name, I don’t know. anyway, this is only 45 seconds but it is well worth it!

<strong>Edit : </strong>BUCKETS


Nick Taylor found himself lucky enough to be relaxing on the sunny little spit of Gulf Coast sand he grew up on: Anna Maria Island, FL.

<strong>Edit : </strong>Birthday Buskesses

Edit : Birthday Buskesses

The weekend that the Coalition Movie launched Friends from the Birthday Bash & The Coalition The Movie premier got together at Valdosta Wake Compound to thrash it out.

<strong>Edit : </strong>Together. A Sesitec Short

Edit : Together. A Sesitec Short

Together is a short Film starring the Sesitec Team and System 2.0 HD. Premiering at the Wake Awards a couple of weeks (or a lifetime ago) this was a feel good banger.

<strong>Edit : </strong>DAWGY SNACKS


Oli Breumlund took a trip to Oz and drove around the east coast with Chris O’shea and met some homies along the way. This video documents some of the fun times of exploring and shredding.

<strong>Edit : </strong>Emergence

Edit : Emergence

Emergence, shot by Tyler Soden follows Gordon Harrison in his 2015/16 year throwing down some of the largest bangers you’re ever likely to see.

<strong>EDIT : </strong>UNTAMED


Blake Bishop and Cole Vanthof drop one for the Ages. I heard it said that this was the video of the expo. “Blake Bishop just released one of the best video edits I have ever seen” said one guy.

<strong>Edit : </strong>ALa-Cruzin

Edit : ALa-Cruzin

Dam, this one is definitely a banger! Heading straight to the recommended section. Ambush team rider Alex Graydon shows his skills and his home state pride with this one.

<strong>EDIT : </strong>Over Under

EDIT : Over Under

One of the most unique edits you’ll ever see. Bryan Soderlind or as he is affectionately named ‘Bear’ shows us the sport of skating through his eyes.



Dean Smith has been hard at work for the last 9 months putting together his first web part in 5 years. Working with Aaron Rathy, Dean created one of his heaviest edits ever.

<strong>EDIT :</strong> Road to Seafair

EDIT : Road to Seafair

Full edit of JD Webb and Spencer Norris linking up with Matt Tonne and Trever Maur for the van life road trip from Sacramento to Seattle.

<strong>THE RENOVATION :</strong> FULL MOVIE


Now entering its third year, The Renovation is back with a final bang for 2016. Three teams and nine riders gathered at the Hip-Notics Wakepark in Turkey for a ten-day session. T

<strong>EDIT : </strong> Antoine Allaux - Salamat

EDIT : Antoine Allaux – Salamat

The result of Antoine Allaux’s most recent trip to the Camsur Watersports Complex in Naga City, Philippines where he spent several weeks shooting with teammate Ben Leclair.