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<strong>EDIT :</strong> The Westcoast Connection

EDIT : The Westcoast Connection

These guys prove again that nobody captures west coast riding like west coast riders. Produced by Austin, this bi-weekly series is a genuine look at what it feels like to be Cali rider.

Road to 2015: Steffen Vollert

Road to 2015: Steffen Vollert

Road to 2015: Steffen Vollert from Patrick Wieland on Vimeo. Steffen Vollert riding the 2015 Whip during the […]

Hot, Fresh 'N Roasted Nuts : Part 1

Hot, Fresh ‘N Roasted Nuts : Part 1

Wes Jacobsen, Quinn Silvernale, and Cole Vanthof, Blake Bishop, Justin Lee, Alex Hamrick, Wes Hubert, Joey, Jake Miller, Alejandro Depass

<strong>Jamboree :</strong> Standout

Jamboree : Standout

There couldn’t have been a more deserving winner of the Shredtown Jamboree standout award than Graeme Burress…

<strong>Jamboree :</strong> Best Line Park

Jamboree : Best Line Park

What a day. Its crazy I tells ya. On the 3rd and final day of the Shredtown Jamboree […]

<strong>THE RENOVATION 15 :</strong> Setups


The Renovation Setups. SLINGSHOT’S SETUP HUMANOID’S SETUP Both teams were given the same number of basic elements. They […]

<strong>THE RENOVATION 15 :</strong> Teaser


“Imagine you had an entire wakepark to yourself and could do whatever you want…” … The Renovation is […]

<strong>Jamboree :</strong> crash reel

Jamboree : crash reel

Shredtown Jamboree: Crash Reel from Shredtown on Vimeo. Jamboree crash reel. See how it looks so easy. With […]

<strong>Jamboree :</strong> best trick park

Jamboree : best trick park

The Shredtown Jamboree started out with a bang on day 1 as riders had their first sessions in […]

<strong>Jamboree :</strong> The Teaser

Jamboree : The Teaser

Shredtown Jamboree– The first glimpse of the action from the first ever Shredtown Jamboree which will surely go […]

Welcome to Shredtown

Welcome to Shredtown

The crew has arrived and the gates have been closed. Let the festivities of the Shredtown Jamboree begin… […]



Check out Californian Tanar Pigrenet’s edit from his winter visit to CWC…

No Hux Given: Trailer

No Hux Given: Trailer

Get an inside look at the Humanoid Factory before the new van and the boys take a trip from Florida to Georgia + North Carolina…

Auto Reply Series: Australia

Auto Reply Series: Australia

In Episode II of the #autoreplyseries the gang travels to Australia to meet up with legendary Daniel Watkins […]

<strong>Jamboree :</strong> Wildcard Entries

Jamboree : Wildcard Entries

Settle in here cause you’ve got about six hours of watching… The Shredtown Crew has reserved 1 wildcard […]

Beyond Perception BTS Part 2

Beyond Perception BTS Part 2

Beyond Perception BTS Part 2 – Behind the scene of Red Bull Media House wakeboard project Beyond Perception.

Once Upon a Time in Mexico

Once Upon a Time in Mexico

This weeks throwback thursday brings us to Mexico before Al Sur even began. Once Upon a Time in Mexico show us that sometimes you travel across the world to find something but end up getting lost…