ROTY Nominee : Austin Pratt

WHO SHOULD BE Union’s Rider of the Year?

Austin pratt delivered us a video part early in the year of him destroying the Ronix Lake. It’s creative lines and new tricks were so progressive that it landed him a Rider of the Year nomination despite an ACL blow-out that had him go under the knife Mid season.

Best 2015 trip you went on and why?
Northern Cali trip was the best even though I blew my knee. I had never been before, Velocity is an amazing park and California skate parks are insane!

Favorite trick you landed on film for the year?
Switch Wall Ride Mobe.

What would you say was your best video part of the year?
Unfortunately, my season got cut short and I wasn’t able to pump out many video parts but I would say my Jamboree wildcard entry was the best.

Who do you think should be the 2015 rider of the year and why?

Do you have many plans for 2016?
Oh yeah! 2016 is looking bright for me. A couple winch trips for sure, a Euro trip and working on my part for the new Coalition Movie

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