ROTY Nominee : Oliver Breumlund

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WHO SHOULD BE UNION’s Rider of the Year?
“There is a lot of people I wanna mention (That deserve to win) but probably, like many others, I can’t say anyone other than Dom ‘f**king’ Hernler.” OLIVER BREUMLUND

Best 2015 trip you went on and why?
Best trip of 2015 is so hard. I Made so many trips happen this year and got to go so many places. Three is definitely worth mentioning. Was on the trip for three weeks in France with Antoine and Paul.  Many more were a part of this trip! but I got to see Paris and all these other awesome places with locals. That was just as I got home from an amazing trip in the Philippines for three months. Where we among many other things tried to climb Mount Isarog on our Motorbikes. But the latest trip in the states gotta take the prize. I lived in a trailer for almost 3 months. Probably doesn’t sound too appealing to most. But I got to ride the most innovative park every day. I had great people around me all the time. We could do whatever we wanted all the time. Big shout out to VWC!!! I learned how it was to take care of a cable park. Waking up in the morning sun doing maintenance every day is a fond memory I have of this place. On top of that so many great things happened while being on this trip. Things I’ve been working for for years and dreaming about. Like when I found out, at expo, while looking through the Humanoid catalog, that I was in it. And like that I found out I was actually officially on the team. These guys have welcomed me like family. And that made my trip.

Favorite trick you landed on film for the year?
Favorite trick. hmm. It’s gotta be a Nollie back tail, same way 270 into sidetranny, that Steffen filmed at Iwakepark Lacanau. That trick felt so good. Or a switch back tail I did on the close out pallet rail in Valdosta, while Bradley took photos. Scariest trick I’ve done this year. I had a big cap on backwards ha-ha, a Vandall tribute.

What would you say was your best video part of the year?
I don’t know if it’s the best, but my favorite video is ‘Phili Lyfe’ that my buddy Andreas Jacobsen edited for me. Super hyped on that one. Love the feel that it’s got.

Who do you think should be the 2015 rider of the year and why?
There is a lot of people I wanna mention. But probably like many others I can’t say any other that Dom fucking Hernler. He was injured last year. Came back this year. Got the sickest cover shot I’ve seen in a while! And he hasn’t been able to loose all year. I know its not about contest. But the thing is, he can do anything on that board. And it’s always too easy. At least he really makes it look like that. I really wanna see this guy focus on something big and make a sick video part or some kind of big project that’s will push our sport. Cause watching him ride when he has fun is the best.

Do you have many plans for 2016?
I have soooo many plans for 2016 already! Hopefully I can make more than half of them happen! Lets see in the end of next year. I’ll do what I can.

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