<strong>Welcome : </strong>Anna Nikstad

Welcome : Anna Nikstad

Anna Nikstad has been on fire the last couple of years. With creative rail riding and her strong switch game, Anna has landed herself a Sponsorship with LF. Congrats girl.

<strong><span style="color: #b2b09e;">Welcome : </span></strong>Tyler Highman

Welcome : Tyler Highman

Team Ronix welcomes Tyler Higham to the Fam! Ronix collects riders. Tyler Highman – A rare insert.

<strong><span style="color: #000000;">Edit : </span></strong>WATER WARS 2017

Edit : WATER WARS 2017

The Winter Water Wars 2017 hosted by the Valdosta Wake Compound was a contest like no other. A doubles style wakeboard contest on the full cable and a game of SK8 on the system 2.0. It was bound to be a good time! Enjoy!

<strong><span style="color: #b2b09e;">Welcome : </span></strong>Anna Nikstad

Welcome : Anna Nikstad

Sandbox Welcomes Anna Nikstad To The Team “We’re very stoked to add Anna to our pro team. Anna’s riding is super strong and she’s really pushing her progression.”

<strong><span style="color: #000000;">Edit : </span></strong>Wake Up Fest 2017

Edit : Wake Up Fest 2017

The Wake Up Fest 2017 was more than a wake skate contest!! It was about good vibes, great people, and unbelievable riding!! Enjoy!

<strong>Welcome : </strong>Anna Nikstad

Welcome : Anna Nikstad

In a time when wakeboarding needs a breath of fresh air and creativity the most Follow are super pumped to introduce their newest pro to the follow family

<strong>Series : </strong>O'Neill Hit The Road EP 2

Series : O’Neill Hit The Road EP 2

In Episode 2 of Hit The Road, our crew get out the tools and get hands on. Think you can shape a perfect board with € 40 worth of hardware store junk?

<strong>Series : </strong>O'Neill Hit The Road EP 1

Series : O’Neill Hit The Road EP 1

Check out Episode 1 of O’Neill’s wake mission “Hit The Road” – Join their international team of rippers as they take on a mammoth book of challenges.

<strong>Edit : </strong>THAT'S LIVING EP 6


The ticket that punch’s across the ride of America with this motley crew, continues on out west in episode 6.

<Strong>EDIT : </strong>That's Livin' Ep. 4

EDIT : That’s Livin’ Ep. 4

When I typed thats Livin into youtube I must have typo’d cause Bon Jovi – Livin on a Prayer came up. Live vicariously through Brenton Priestley, Dom Hernler, JD Webb and Trevor Bashir.

<Strong>EDIT : </strong>That's Livin' Ep. 3

EDIT : That’s Livin’ Ep. 3

Episode three of the series that makes your life look like a complete wasted time bore Live vicariously through Brenton Priestley, Dom Hernler, JD Webb and Trevor Bashir.

<Strong>EDIT : </strong>That's Livin' Ep. 2

EDIT : That’s Livin’ Ep. 2

Episode two and the boyz are heading from Georgia to somewhere else. Live vicariously through Brenton Priestley, Dom Hernler, JD Webb and Trevor Bashir.

<strong>Welcome : </strong>Dylan Miller

Welcome : Dylan Miller

Dylan Miller is a man of many talents, a great person and a rider we all look up to. Sesitec are stoked that he is officially joining team Sesitec.

<strong>Edit : </strong>That's Livin' Ep. 1

Edit : That’s Livin’ Ep. 1

Episode one of Brenton’s New Series the boyz start their trip from Florida to Georgia. Yep, they definitely live the life.

<strong>Teaser : </strong>That's Livin'

Teaser : That’s Livin’

Brenton’s series following him around the world doing whatever the F**k it is that Brenton wants to do. Yep, they definitely live the life.

<strong>EDIT : </strong>The Everyday Cody Hesse

EDIT : The Everyday Cody Hesse

Cody Hesse and Board Meetings rip lap’s at Valdosta Wake Compound. Yes, Cody kill’s his home park and it looks so good but the drone flying in this edit is on point. What a team.

<strong>One minute with : </strong>Cody Hesse

One minute with : Cody Hesse

The Board Meeting crew are putting together a bunch of one minutes with. The hero of the minute is Cody Hesse, he pushes the sport harder than anyone and he is just getting warmed up for 2017.