Conversations : Shredtown X-Games win

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“From the first clip logged to exporting the video was 21 days” Chris Abadie

Shredtown have, in more ways than one, re-directed the future of Wakeboarding. While the new topic of ‘Just how many different ‘wakeboardings are there?’ begins, Shredtown have managed to put themselves on top of the whole pile. Chriso sat got in touch with them for a quick word about officially becoming X-Games champions.

How long did you guys film for the part?
Chris Abadie (CA) – When we got the invite for Real Wake we were in the process of building the Jamboree setup so we had to finished the entire contest before we could start filming. From the first clip logged to exporting the video was 21 days.

What was the hardest spot to hit riding wise?
CA – Probably the up ledge with the super shallow landing. Something about it gave me a hard time… Originally I wanted to 5050 back 3 but it just wasn’t working out so I switched to the 5050 front 5 and got that one pretty quick.

What was the hardest spot to set up and film?
Davis Griffin (DG) – One of the hardest spots to film was in downtown Omaha, Nebraska. There is a fountain in the middle of downtown in a pretty tight spot with crazy people everywhere. Also, we didn’t have an assistant camera angle so I had one chance to get the shot. Things get pretty hectic in those situations and by the end we actually got kicked out right after Chris landed the 5-0 front 540 out.

The opening clip Chris almost died. How was that day for you guys?
Andrew Adams (AA) – That spot is insane. One of the biggest ledge to drop I have ever seen it must by around 15ft or taller. There is no water up top so we had to build a pool up top for the run up which we have pretty dialed in now. On that hit Chris got hung up on the ledge and couldn’t get off until the end where there is another concrete ledge at the bottom. Definitely one of the closer calls we have had to someone getting seriously injured. But of course, in Chris Abadie fashion, he played it off like it was no big deal.

Do you think they got the list of rider’s right?
AA – I wont get into too much detail but it is hard when you have to pick 8 riders from the whole sport so there is always going to be controversy but I think the riders chosen showed a good variety of the sport.

What did you think of Rusty, Shota and Harley’s parts? It’s such a paradox to what you guys did.
CA – They are all boat-oriented riders and you have to respect that because that is the root of our sport and always will be. It is definitely hard to put boat riding and winching in the same contest and the support for our section was amazing to see.

How are you celebrating the win tonight?
CA – We are back home right now in Athens, Texas so probably going to keep it mellow cause we have actually known about the news for over a month now which has been super hard to keep it under wraps.

Will there be another shredtown movie on the way any time soon?
DG – No idea. A full length movie project is a crazy commitment. We have to sit down and talk about what our plans are for 2016, figure out if we are doing the Jamboree again or what direction we want to go.

What was your favorite real/wake part other then Chris’s?
CA – Everyone killed it but my favorite was Raph Derome. Raph did some insane rail to rail transfers and his creativity is on another level. Rathy also hit some sick winch spots and Dowdy threw down on the boat.

How far did you travel to hit all them winch spots?
AA – The farthest spot was the downtown spot in Omaha. Nebraska. We also went to Kansas City and Oklahoma but other than that everything was in Texas.