EDIT : Yesterdays Tomorrow

Yesterdays Tomorrows – We posted this a little over two years ago. It’s funny how quickly things change. Watching this again, I wonder what Aaron Gunn makes of this now as a young kid talking about going well in competitions overseas one day. Little did he know then what we all know now. Turtle Macnamara on the other hand is solid as a rock.

Come with us now on a journey through time and space to the polar caps of Australian wakeboarding as we sit with Mark ‘Turtle’ Macnamara, one of Australia’s first professional wakeboarders & a man with a story to tell, and Aaron Gunn, the newest kid on the block with a suitcase full of tricks and the world at his feet. Both grew at Penrith, both have the consideration of the crowd, both are respected. But while one has the fervor of youth the other has the wisdom of age.
Video by Ben Howells at pilchard productions.

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