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Unplanned America – A wakeboard film.
Interview with Jacob Vinall.

The reason that most new bands are young is because its hard to get a bunch of old guys in the one room at once, let alone the amount of times it takes to learn a song. Making movies is kind of like that. 23 Riders in the one movie? How the hell Jacob Vinall managed to do that I don’t know. We sat down with hi talk about his upcoming release –

You are working on a movie? Yes, I travelled over to America for 3 months and spent my time going to as many parks as I could to film a full-length movie. I’m currently back in Australia editing.

What’s the deal with it? I’ve been wanting to shoot a movie for a long time now and I thought an American trip would be the perfect place to shoot my first one. I’ve also always wanted to get into a lot more lifestyle filming and this movie gave me that opportunity.

23 riders over three months? Who are the riders? Myself, Dillon Dreiling, Cameron Graham, Tom Matthews, Adam Whitaker, Matt Tonne, Austin Polterock, Brady Patry, Chandler Powell, John Dreiling, Keenan Allan, Austin Pratt, Quin Silvernale, Wesley Jacobsen, Wesley Huber, Crosse Bearden, Cody Oxford, Blake Bishop, Brandon Bishop, Ryan Jones, Corey Miller, Brad Mason, Travis White.

Did you self-fund it? Yes, I worked at Gowake Mackay all summer, plus doing edits for other riders to pay for it.

How did you get into filming? Started when I was probably about 10 years old. My good mate at the time had a camera and we would shoot heaps of ninja videos, dance videos, soccer videos, music videos and any other video we could think of.

When you are riding who is filming you? Always different, sometimes I have to setup the camera and grab anyone I can to just press record. In America I had Dillon Dreiling and Cameron Graham travelling with me so I could just give the camera to them.

When do you think you’ll be releasing it? Looking at an early December release.

What’s it going to be called? Unplanned America! We decided this would be the perfect title because I knew I was heading to America to shoot this movie, but once there we had no real plans other then get a trailer to sleep in and hit the road.

Featuring: Jacob Vinall, Dillon Dreiling, Cameron Graham, Adam Whitaker, Tom Mathews, Matt Tonne, Austin Polterock, Brady Patry, Chandler Powell, John Dreiling, Austin Pratt, Quin Silvernail, Wesley Jacobsen, Wes Huber, Crosse Bearden, Blake Bishop, Ryan Jones, Corey Miller, Brad Mason and Travis White. Movie By Jacob Vinall.


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