UNION AU : Issue 01

Union AU Edition: Issue 01

Chris had this idea for the cover of Union Issue 0101. Pros: It will be by far the most amazing shot to ever come across my desk; it’s both staggering and completely incomprehensible. Ryan Wolfe is going to video the whole thing then put together a web edit for it to launch in conjunction with the new magazine that will blow minds too.

And Brenton is going to, after all is said and done, make it look easy like only Brenton can. Cons: It will take eight days to setup. It will put print date back a week and it will stress us all out to the point were neither of us will sleep in the final week of production. It will attract storms, cost way more than a standard photo should and it will push Brenton, Chris and me to the point that we will wonder if it’s worth it. So was it worth it? I don’t even need you to answer that.

Union Cover Issue 0101

Brenton with the shot that was headr around the world – Union Cover Issue 0101. Pic: O’Shea

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