ROTY : 2015

After a banging year of wakeboarding Union Wakeboarder would like to throw out some cred to the guy’s that pushed the sport the hardest in 2015.

We will be posting 2 nominees every day for the next 6 days. Your votes will count alongside our esteemed panel of judges, and we’ll be announcing the Union’s Rider of the Year for 2015 on Feb 1st.
Our criteria was based purely on video released in 2015. With so much legit footage coming out of every wakeboarding orifice – MyWake to the XGames – Alliance Edits to the Renovation – 2015 was a pivotal year. We have selected the top 13 riders we deem put out the most legit video content in 2015 then we have cut each rider up into a bite size 1 minute edit for you to consume then vote on.

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