UNION US : Issue 02

Union Issue 02. Trever Maur. Pic: Rodrigo


If I’d known then what I know now, I’d have relished the all-expenses-paid, completely-for-my-benefit, six-year holiday that high school was/is. But even now, like then, all I really run on is passion. But what does passion get you? Well… this magazine, for one.  We, as in everyone who writes, shoots, reads and supports this entire exercise—Union Magazine—are in it for no other reason than passion. Everyone involved is involved because they have a love of the sport. I would hope that that was evident from the get go, but just to reiterate: this whole thing’s sole purpose is purely to show this sport—our sport—in a light that we think is accurate. We love print, we love quality video, and we love wakeboarding. Combine those three and you get this magazine. So profitez de notre deuxième numéro du magazine—enjoy our second ever issue of Union like it’s your own.

Union Wakeboarder Magazine Issue 02 – Trever Maur on the cover, Raph Derome feature, Scott Byerly Interview, Thankyou from the Nike Wakeskate Team with Silas Thurman, Graeme Burress, Ben Leclair, Brad Smeele, John Broerr, Tanya Brown and more. In Boardstores, Cable Parks, Barnes & Nobles next week. If they get it, ask them why.

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