UNION US : Issue 03


Long before you were born, around the time that ‘fifty cents was a lot of money’; magazines were all that was, and all that ever shall be. See, in the eighties and nineties the magazine game was considered a river of gold; kind of like the slime running under New York City in Ghostbusters 2… only happy. And also gold. Oh yeah, they were the good times, no doubt about it.

Back then, a magazine release was the most important event on the monthly calendar, and your entire life depended on the words of the editor. I remember hanging out for the next issue of every single wake magazine in the world—from Wakeboarding Magazine, to Launch Wakeboard, to Bluetorch Wakeboard, to Alliance Wake, to Standerd Wake Quarterly (RIP) —magazines were the window through which you peered at the world of wakeboarding, and I stared long and hard like a creeper with a crush on Lorraine Baines (Back to the Future reference). But that was then, and this is now. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, web series, sharing, likes, comments, SEO, google ads, <insert next new thing> … they all drip-feed content so that instead of a monthly joy, wakeboard news is mixed into some kind of “cyber wakeboard soup.”  The excitement of the new issue is lost a little, thanks to our fast pace on the information highway.

So where do magazines stand in this day and age? Well, I heard it said once that the internet may grab you, but a magazine embraces you. The internet is impulsive, magazines are immersive. Agree? There is something embracing, something immersive in opening up a magazine, the photos in print, the actual beginning and ending of reading something tangible… something that you’ve chosen to read, that hasn’t ‘pop-up-windowed’ in your face. There’s an actual moment in the magazine. But it’s more than that now. See, Union isn’t here just to rehash something that you’d likely skip over on your Facebook feed. Nope. This magazine is about pride: pride in our sport. It’s about making sure that—in print and online—everything we do promotes the sport of wakeboarding well. And given that the constant feed of slaphappy edits and sponsor-repped selfies can sometimes get a little (shall we say) subpar… a quality filter is more important than ever.

That’s what we set out to do in Issue 01 and it’s what we have continued to do for Issue 03. Now—twelve months, three issues, two full-length movies, one launch party (maybe two by the time you read this), and a cool as f**k  website later—we are proud of our ‘freshman’ year.

So to finish one year and begin the next, I say this: it was written that art can be many different things to many different people, and that when all is said and done an artists only option is to create what he/she thinks is right and hope it finds its place in the world – that is what we do.

And Union’s place? —your hands. Union Issue 03.  Dom on the cover. Go.    ED

Union Wakeboarder Magazine Issue 03 – Dominik Hernler on the cover, Danny Harf feature, Jimmy Redmon Interview, The Renovation and more. In Boardstores, Cable Parks, Barnes & Nobles next week. If they get it, ask them why.

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