UNION US : Issue 01

The Cover of Issue 01. Randall Harris. Pic:Rodrigo

Who even reads anymore?? Why would you when you can get on YouTube and watch an unedited ‘butt-check’ line or the most amazing ten-year-old wakeboarder in the world or just a plain ole fat Asian baby smoking a cigarette?

Who reads these days?? Who cares about books and magazines? Well, we do. There is just something about opening up the pages and beginning the journey. Something about the dignity that comes with a high-quality production—one that you’ll keep around, one that’s worth saving, that’s worth your while—that’s Union. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to our world. Union Wakeboarder Magazine Issue 01 – Randall Harris on the cover and interviewed, Mexico feature, Justin Stephens Interview, Odyssey interview with Mitch Langfield, Josh Twelker, Cody Hesse, Danny Harf, Trever Maur, Derek Muscat and more. In Boardstores, Cable Parks, Barnes & Nobles. If they don’t have it, ask them why.

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