ROTY : Final Results

“F**k yeah! I’m so hyped to win this award, this really means a lot to me! Thanks to Union and everyone that voted for me. ” DOM HERNLER

It turned out to be a sizeable event we ran here. The first annual Union’s rider of the Year.  Based purely on video put out throughout 2015, and voted on by you, the riders and us, our Rider of the Year can truly be said to be an accurate measure of where and who wakeboarding is right now.

Our Final 13 where voted upon. Let it be known for evermore, in 2015, the top 13 riders fell in this order….

Dom Hernler
Daniel Grant
Raph Derome
Aaron Rathy
Mike Dowdy
Quinn Silvernale
Oli Derome
Ben Leclair
Massi Piffaretti
Bob Sichel
Chris Abadie
Oliver Breumlund
Ausin Pratt

Quinn Silvernale snuck up pretty high there, and Chris Abadie was lower than expected, but in general that is about right. What am I saying, of course its right, because it’s Union’s Rider of the Year and we are always right.

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