Wallpaper : Jacob & Jeremy


Jacob Vinall & Jeremy Golledge

When we asked Jacob Vinall whether he would be interested in doing a video edit of his upcoming trip to Thailand & the Philippines, neither he nor I knew just how challenging a request that would be. Three months later Jacob’s edit ‘Typhoon’ hit the Union website to ecstatic applause, covering his time in Thai Wake Park, Republic Wake Park and last but definitely not least CWC where the most eventful leg of his journey was about to unfold.
As a Typhoon ripped through CWC Cable Park Jacob Vinall forged bonds that will never be broken with his traveling companions – Jeremy Golledge & Victor Salmon, and was thankful for another friend’s fortune – Deanna Hatten who had happened to leave just days before. We got Jacob, who now lives at CWC, to interview them and reminisce but not before we firstly asked a few more detailed questions about the eventful day and the bonds that were made.

Download this wallpaper now. Then go get yourself a copy of Union Australian Edition 07. If you aren’t join oz, download it from iTunes then watch this…

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