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Oka and Rick sweep the 2016 WWA Wake Park World Championships at CWC in the Philippines.

Guenther Oka (USA) and  Julia Rick (GER) rise to new heights and win both their Features Only and Traditional Wake Park divisions at the 2016 WWA Wake Park World Championships presented by Nautique Boats.  Oka and Rick rode at the highest level ever at a wake park contest earning them each double world titles.

With well over 200 riders, the world now has over 20 new WWA Wake Park World Champion’s at what will go down as the best wake park event of all time.  Camsur Watersports Complex delivered again with the greatest riding we have ever seen in wake park contest.  All of the amateur and professional riders showcased how bright the future is in wakeboarding.  Camsur providence Governor Migz Villafuerte provided all the athletes with the finest hospitality there could be.  “I am so honored to have over 200 athletes representing 25 plus countries here in harmony in our beautiful providence of Camsur.  This event has always been the most prestigious in wake park riding and we look forward to hosting it again next year even better.” Says Migz.

Guenther Oka came out on fire with a run in Professional Men’s Traditional that did not have one single bobble, thus earning him a world title.  Oka ended his run with a perfectly stomped toe side backside nine that he grabbed his board melon for what seemed like days.  “I was beyond pumped that my best run of the entire event was in the finals.  This was by far the most heated competition I have ever ridden in and it came down to the quality of riding.  Every rider stood up their runs and crushed it!” states Oka.  Oka wasn’t the only professional that was on point all week.  Germany’s Julia Rick scored a perfect 100 in Traditional Wake Park with her heel backside 720 off the kicker and her 313 off the flats.  Rick has now repeated as WWA Wake Park World Champion in Professional Women’s Wake Park three consecutive years in a row now, a feat never done in the event’s eight year history.

The Professional Features Only division was the main event that finished out the contest.  The entire CWC complex was swept spotless by both Rick and Oka again in this division.  Oka wiped up the course with a win in the kickers section and the brand new creeper rail section with a creeper popper front board backside 450 out that had the crowd going nuts.  Rick scored a perfect 100 by winning all sections of the course, but securing it being the only girl to switch transfer 270 to front board to the very top of the creeper rail.  The features only division was absolutely insane to watch in all divisions as the amateurs also showed the world that they could blow minds too.  There were even two kids in the boys division that landed toeside backside nines.

Governor Migz Villafuerte, congressman LRay Villafuerte, along with the entire CWC staff provided warmth and kindness to everyone that showed up to the event. “Together the WWA, CWC and the entire Camsur community work so great together naturally.  I was beyond pleased with how wonderful the World Championships went this year and I cannot wait for it to make it’s return next year.  I also would like to thank all the athletes that participated and congratulate all the riders that won world titles.” Says Congressman LRay Villafuerte.

The 2016 WWA Wake Park World Championships also introduced a brand new aspect to the event, with overall country and park team scoring.  With practically 30 countries and almost 60 parks represented, the competition was very close in both categories. In the end with over 2000 overall counted country points it was the United States of America that took the title to become the overall country World Champion.  For the Parks Overall, it was reigning Point’s Chase National Champion Park, Orlando Watersports Complex (OWC) that claimed the first place points followed closely behind by JB SKI and Vasteras Cable Park.

And that is a wrap for the 2016 WWA Wake Park World Championships at Camsur Watersports Complex in Naga City, Philippines. History was made, world titles were added to resumes and memories were made.  The awards presentation was hosted by none other Dano the Mano and there was nothing but a sea of smiles from all the people there to close out the event.

For more information on the WWA and its events, check out www.thewwa.com 



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